Listed by Sections

 Section I District Board of Trustees

Section II General Administration

Subsection 100 Definitions 

Subsection 200 Committees 

Subsection 300 Affirmative Action 

Subsection 400 Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities 

Subsection 500 Miscellany 


Section III Personnel

Subsection 100 Classification Organization 

Subsection 200 Selection and Employment 

Subsection 300/400 Compensation 

Subsection 500 Leaves of Absence 

Subsection 600 Evaluation 

Subsection 700 Affirmative Action 

Subsection 800 Termination of Employment; Post-Employment Status 


Section IV Curriculum and Instruction

Subsection 100 Curriculum 

Subsection 200 Non-Curricular Credit 


Section V Student and Instructional Services

Subsection 100 Services to Individual Students 

Subsection 200 Academic and Social Standards 


Section VI Business Services

Subsection 100 Business Operations 

Subsection 200/300 Buildings and Grounds