Program and Career Pathways and Exploratory Majors

What’s your major? What do you want to do for a living? Do you want to earn a certificate or an advanced degree?

What if you have no idea?

Don’t worry! If you can’t answer those questions yet, the LCCC Exploratory Majors within each Pathway can help.  You can also explore other resources to help you decide on a career or major. 

Exploratory Majors – Exploring Your Options

Exploratory Majors help undecided, degree-seeking students by allowing you to select the Exploratory Major within your Program and Career Pathway as your program of study. In this model, you spend a little more time deciding on your program major while you explore career and academic options within the Program and Career Pathway. The Exploratory Major is designed to put you on the right path to a career even when you’re not sure exactly what you want to do or what level of degree you want to earn. It ensures that your courses set you in the right direction – whatever you ultimately decide – and that you can build upon your coursework over time.

Not sure where to begin? Start with an Exploratory Major.


Undecided students can choose a pathway as their exploratory major. Then, take classes in the pathway. Then, choose a program major - which is a specific degree or certificate offered by LCCC. As you earn more credentials, you gain higher earning potential.

What Are The Exploratory Majors?

Any Program and Career Pathway can be selected as an Exploratory Major when you apply to LCCC or meet with your advisor to schedule your classes.

While you are “Exploring,” you will be required to meet each semester with your advisor to plan and schedule classes based on the default pathways listed below. 

You can earn up to 24 credits as an Explorer before you are required to declare a program major. 

How Do Exploratory Majors Work?

At LCCC, as a new applicant, you can pick an Exploratory Major – and work with an advisor to choose appropriate core classes within your Program and Career Pathway as you explore various program majors within that pathway, get a feel for different career options, and broaden your horizons – all while working toward required credits. Within each Program and Career Pathway, we’ve laid out classes that will count toward all or most majors within that group. This means that, even if you decide to change majors, your time and money aren’t “wasted,” and your early classes will still meet the necessary requirements for your degree.    

How Does This Benefit Me?

The Program and Career Pathways and Exploratory Majors are designed around real-world needs. The goal is to give you the ability to explore career options but get you to work as quickly as possible. Benefits include:

  • You can explore many career paths and be exposed to a variety of options.
  • Classes count toward many majors, so you don’t need to feel like your time or money was wasted if you change directions within your program.
  • You may earn a certificate or credentials for the workforce quickly, giving you the option to work while you continue learning.
  • Coursework toward early steps in the pathway counts toward higher degree options.
  • Learning is targeted toward maximizing your career opportunities and earning potential.

How Can I Learn More?

If LCCC and our Program and Career Pathways sounds right for you, take the next step by learning more about one of the following topics:

Selecting a Pathway

There are nine pathways available at LCCC. For more information on the certification/degree options, careers, and coursework in each, click the name of a pathway:

Business and Entrepreneurship

Computer and Information Technologies

Culinary and Hospitality

Health and Wellness

Human/Social Services and Public Safety


Engineering and Manufacturing

Liberal and Creative Arts

Science and Math

Choosing a Career

Program and Career Pathways will help you explore career options, but LCCC also offers additional resources to help you find a career that’s right for you. Options include:

  • Career Coach: This tool provides current, local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training.
  • MyPlan: Use this tool to receive personalized recommendations and help make decisions about the careers that will suit your interests and skills.
Planning to transfer?

The University Partnership program provides LCCC students a seamless transition between LCCC and the partner university. The first two or three years of your bachelor’s program is taken through LCCC – with our lower tuition rates – and your junior or senior year credits come from the partner university, but with classes made available on LCCC’s campus. With this simple, affordable option, you don’t need to travel outside of Lorain County to earn your bachelor’s degree from one of several universities.

Students also often take LCCC coursework with the intention of completing the first years of their education at LCCC’s lower tuition rate and then transferring their credits to another college or university where they will earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Many of the courses in the applied degree programs transfer easily to Ohio public colleges and universities, so this is a simple and cost-effective option. If you complete two years at LCCC, you’ll typically earn an associate of arts or associate of science degree from LCCC before transferring.