About GED Prep Classes and the Official Exam


Is there a cost to take GED classes?

There is no cost to take GED classes.


How long will it take me to achieve my GED?

Some students complete within a few months while others take much longer.

There are many factors involved to ensure success:

  • Your initial academic achievement level
  • Attendance and commitment to our program
  • How much time you spend outside the classroom studying for the exam. Our staff recommends an additional 3 hours a week of at home study


How do I get started?

All students are required to attend a formal orientation. Orientations are offered both days and evenings. Upon completion of orientation you will be scheduled for a class within 2 weeks.

Orientation Schedule


Where are the classes located?

GED classes are located throughout Lorain County. Class placement is based upon academic evaluation, where you live and work schedules if applicable.

Class Locations 


Do you offer day or night classes?

Classes are offered both day and evening.


What if I do not want to take classes and just prefer to take the GED Exam?

It is always recommended to attend free classes to “brush up” on your skills.

However students can apply online to take the GED exam at http://www.GED.com

Link to the Official GED Website

If you need help navigating the website you may call the ABLE office at (440) 366-4530


Is there a cost to take the Official GED Exam?

Yes, the cost is $120.00. However, there is a voucher available upon application that will supplement $80.00 of the testing fee. Application is accessible at http://www.lorainccc.edu/ged   


Where is the Official GED Exam administered?

The new computer based GED Exam is given on the LCCC campus, in the Richard Desich Entrepreneurship Center, 151 Innovation Drive. Suite 153.

Questions call (440) 366-7003 to reach the GED Testing Center

LCCC Campus Map


Is there an age requirement to take the GED classes?

18 years or older there are no special requirements.

If you are 16 or 17 years old you will need the formal withdrawal papers from the last school you attended.


What if I have learning, emotional, physical disability, or ADD? Are there special accommodations offered for the official test?

You may be eligible for testing accommodations when taking the Official GED test. There is an application process and proof of disability required. You may contact the Aspire office at (440) 366- 4530.

Accessibility Services Office 


Does the LCCC Aspire Consortium offer English Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) classes?

Yes, ESOL classes are offered at no cost both day and evening. Students must be 18 years of age to enroll in ESOL Classes.

English for Speakers of Other Languages Classes


How may I contact the GED/ESOL office?

If you have additional questions regarding GED/ESOL please call our offices at (440) 366-4530