Continuing Education

Personal and Professional Development

You don’t have to be pursuing a degree to benefit from education and training at LCCC. Whether you want to improve your job skills, become certified in a specialty or just enjoy the experience of learning something new, be sure to check out the wide range of continuing education courses at LCCC.

These continuing education courses are non-credit. Both credit and non-credit programs both provide valuable job skills for a great career. Classes taken in credit programs, however, can often be used as a stepping stone toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

For information about our credit program offerings, explore our Program and Career Pathways.

Areas of Interest

Adult Personal Enrichment
These courses are of general interest and appeal to most adults. Adult personal enrichment courses are offered in areas such as computers, recreation and fitness, music, arts and crafts, language and communication, computer programming and job-seeking skills, personal development, sustainable agriculture and other areas.  Explore Courses

Business and Information Technology
These courses and programs meet the occupational and professional needs of employees in business and many other occupations, as well as the adult learner.   Explore Courses

Center for Lifelong Learning (Adults 50+)
Courses are designed for adults who are 50 years old or older and/or retired. Courses include computers, the Internet, estate planning, fitness and recreation, world cultures, astronomy, card playing, gardening, storytelling, history, bird watching, genealogy, antique collecting, creative writing and much more. The Center for Lifelong Learning also offers special half-day, full-day and multiple-day field trips to many interesting locations, both in and out of state.   Explore Courses

College for Kids and Teens
Courses are designed for children ranging from preschool through high school. A variety of courses, including academic and enrichment programs, are offered throughout the year and extensively during the summer months.   Explore Courses

Engineering and Manufacturing
Keep your company on the leading edge of today’s advanced technologies with facilities and courses designed to meet the challenges of industry. Courses are offered in a variety of important areas including engineering, design software, automation, computer-integrated manufacturing, electronics, fluid power, quality, safety, lean manufacturing and much more.  Explore Courses

Health Care and Nursing
LCCC continuing education programs for health care professionals offer licensure, certification and registry in many health-related areas, including basic life support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support and more. Nurse aide certification programs, continuing education for social workers and elder-care programs are also offered.   Explore Courses

Recreation and Fitness
You can get in shape and have a great time with recreation and fitness courses from LCCC. Programs include informal recreation, Yoga, T’ai Chi, step-aerobics and Pilates. Other courses include, golf, tennis, cardio-kickboxing, dancing and body toning. Programs are seasonal, so be sure to check out our current course offerings.  Explore Courses

Online Continuing Education Courses
If you prefer the flexibility of online courses, check out the hundreds of online offerings from Ed2Go. Course options include Accounting and Finance, Business, Computer Applications, Healthcare and Medical and much more!  Explore Courses


Register for Continuing Education Courses

To register for any of our Continuing Education courses, please complete and submit the printable non-credit registration form or call us at 440-366-4067.