for Non-Credit and Continuing Education Courses


If you have an employer or other agency assisting you with your class charges and they require an invoice to send payment, you will need to provide LCCC with authorization from your sponsor. The authorization must include the following information:

  • The name and billing address of the organization sponsoring you
  • A contact name and phone number from the organization
  • A specific statement that authorizes LCCC to bill the organization
  • The total dollar amount to be billed to the organization
  • List of eligible charges for billing such as: tuition only, tuition and fees, books, supplies, other, and any maximum amount to be applied to any of the above
  • Billing requirements from the organization
  • Official signature (electronic signatures accepted) from organization
  • Contact Carrie Delaney with questions at


Please note:

  1. If your sponsor authorization is based on course completion before payment is made, you need to pay for your classes and wait to be reimbursed by your employer.
  2. LCCC does not defer tuition while you wait to be paid by your employer.
  3. LCCC requires you to submit new documents for each eligible class/term.
  4. If your sponsor is not paying 100% of your class charges, you will be required to pay your portion of the charges at the time your form is submitted. Also, it is your responsibility to supply your sponsor with certificates of completion. This is not done by LCCC, even if the documentation from your sponsor authorizes the release of such items.
  5. Once your documentation has been received, your account will be updated to reflect the third party anticipated payment.
  6. If you decide not to attend a class once you have submitted paperwork, then you must drop the class according to the LCCC Withdraw/Refund Schedule (online) to reduce your financial responsibility for the charges.
  7. Sponsors are billed after course completion or at the end of term.