1. What is Canvas Catalog?
    Canvas Catalog can be used by students, alumni, businesses and community members to register for non-credit, continuing education, leisure activities and professional development courses.
  2. What username and password do I use with Canvas Catalog?
    When you first register for a course in Canvas Catalog, you will create a username based on the email address you used to register. An email will be sent to you which you will then use to set your own password.
  3. Where can I get help with a course?
    Please contact the course instructor or department contact listed on the course listing. If you are unsure who to contact please contact Alison Church, achurch@lorainccc.edu, to assist with your questions.
  4. What happens after I register for a course?
    Upon completion of payment and registration you will receive an email confirmation from Canvas Catalog. The email will provide both a confirmation of course registration and payment information, if applicable.
  5. What happens when I finish a course?
    Select courses may offer a certificate of completion. If the course you are enrolled in offers a certificate, upon completion of the course students can download or print the certificate. The certificate of completion will include the student’s name, date of completion, and the course name.
  6. Can I get a refund?
    Students seeking a refund must contact Alison Church, achurch@lorainccc.edu to begin the process.


For more information, please contact our team.

Alison Church

Janice Lapina