ITT Tech Nursing Students

I wanted to provide you with an update of the procedures that are being implemented to assist you in transferring into the Associate Degree Nursing program at Lorain County Community College

We are still in the process of evaluating your transcripts for placement into the nursing program. If you have not already sent us your official college and high school transcripts, please do so as soon as possible.

If you are still considering coming to LCCC we would encourage you to enroll in:

  1. Introduction to Psychology (PSYH 151)
  2. Human Growth & Development (PSYH251)—this course requires PSYH 151 as a prerequisite. 

Both classes will be offered during the spring 2017 semester.  If you completed PSYH 151 and/or PSYH 251 at an accredited institution and you believe that your coursework will transfer to LCCC; then you should wait for the results of the transcript evaluation before determining whether or not you will need to take either course.  If you intend to take these courses at another accredited institution, please remember that 20 credits must be completed at LCCC in order to fulfill the residency requirement.

The outline below represents the TENTATIVE schedule that is being implemented for you to complete your program at LCCC.  Once you have successfully completed the biology boot camps, your Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology courses will post to your student record.  However, you should wait for the results of your transcript evaluation if you completed the A&P and Microbiology coursework at an accredited institution; and you believe that the coursework will transfer to LCCC. 

In addition, we want to make sure that you are well prepared for your nursing clinicals.  You will be assessed to determine your level of learning in NURS114/115, 128/210, 126, 129 and 214.  Additional information concerning the exam(s) that you should take will be provided at a later date.  This will better help our nursing faculty develop interventions that will facilitate your success.

Required LCCC Course

How you will obtain credit:

BIOL 161

Successfully complete the A & P I Bootcamp (1 credit)

BIOL 162

Successfully complete A & P II Bootcamp (1 credit)

BIOL 251

Successfully complete Microbiology Bootcamp (1 credit)

ENG 161

Transfer credit

SOCY 161

Transfer credit


Need to enroll


Need to enroll

MTHM 168

Course sub for MTHM 151 per transfer credit

NURS 114/115

Successfully complete Nursing Skills Bootcamp (1 credit)

NURS 128/210

Pass NACE Exam:  Care of the Adult Client

NURS 126

NACE Exam:  Childbearing

NURS 129

Pass NACE Exam:  Care of the Client with a Mental Disorder

NURS 214

Pass NACE Exam:  Care of the Child

NURS 213/215

All students will enroll (4 credits/4 credits)

We anticipate having the Science Boot Camps, nursing assessments and nursing boot camps scheduled during the Spring Semester of 2017 with some cohorts actually enrolling in nursing coursework in March 2017.  As soon as those dates are solidified we will communicate with you immediately via email.  Lastly, we have transitioned all ITT Tech nursing students to our Allied Health team for enrollment and advising.  If you have questions please direct them to Fred Bell or Thalia Fountain.

Hope Moon
Dean Health and Wellness Sciences Division

ITT Tech Nursing Graphic. Step 1:  Apply to LCCC and Submit transcripts. Step 2: Take Nursing Placement exams and Science bootcamps during spring 2017 (8a). Step 3: Take Nursing Skills Boot Camp and Nursing Orientation Spring 2017 (8B). Step 4: Begin Nursing Courses Summer 2017

Important Documents and Information:

An email has been sent out to all qualifying students. If you have not received an email and believe you have submitted all required documentation or if you have any questions, please contact:

Nanci Berman


****** The Deadline to complete an application and submit transcripts has PASSED. Please explore the links on our site for the ADN program.******


What if I Didn’t Attend the Information Session?

If you were unable to attend an ITT Path to LCCC Information Session for nursing students; or if you did not participate in the recent webinar, please review and complete the following forms and submit your official transcripts for review.

Additional questions regarding transferring into the LCCC nursing program, you may be directed to a member of our allied health advising team, or schedule an appointment:

Fred Bell
(440) 366-7673

Thalia Fountain
(440) 366-7683