Virtual Orientations and Testing


In addition to the in-person orientations, LCCC Aspire is now conducting orientation and testing virtually using your personal technology at home. Both options will require approximately 6 hours of participation in order to complete.  In-person sessions will be limited to 10 students and virtual sessions are limited to 6 students per session. Pre-registration is required.  



Participant must have a computer with internet access and a camera.  (laptop, desktop, tablet or chromebook)


Step 1. Registration Form

Complete and submit the Aspire Registration Form (below). 


Step 2.  Connect with Aspire Staff

An Aspire representative will contact you by phone for additional personal information, including your date of birth and social security number.


Step 3.  Schedule Virtual Orientation Sessions

During your call, you will be scheduled for your virtual orientation sessions (2) and you will receive directions on how to access this online. We will also email the directions to you.


Step 4.  Attend Virtual Orientations (2 sessions)

You will participate in an interactive webinar-style orientation and you will also take your initial assessment online.


Step 5. Start Learning!     

You will be provided access to your online lessons and live online class. 


Online Aspire Registration Form

  • Name * Required
  • Parent/Guardian Name (if you are under the age of 18)
  • Address * Required
  • Are you at least 19 years old? * Required
  • If you are 16, 17 or 18 years old, have you been formally withdrawn from school?
  • General Information

  • Do you have an F-1 Visa? * Required
  • Did you graduate from high school or its equivalent? * Required
  • What are your goals for coming to this program?
  • Authorization to release records * Required
    By submitting this form, I (named above and/or my parent or guardian), authorize the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education to release my educational records, which includes my name, social security number, student ID number, and date of birth, to the agencies listed below. The agency use of these records is limited to and in connection with the audit and evaluation of Federally-supported education programs, or in connection with the enforcement of the Federal legal requirements, that relate to such programs.

    Student/Examinee information released to:

    Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
    30 East Broad Street, 32nd Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    Ohio Department of Education
    25 S. Front Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    Center for Human Resources Research
    The Ohio State University
    921 Chatham Lane
    Suite 200
    Columbus, OH 43221-2418

    My form submission is acknowledgement that I have read and voluntarily consented to the release of the above-mentioned educational records as collected and utilized by the Aspire program I have previously enrolled in or tested with.