Business and Office Careers

Train for a new career in under two years

Short-Term Technical Certificates

Earn a certificate in one year or less. Coursework typically transfers into  related one-year technical certificate and associate degree programs.

One-Year Technical Certificates

Coursework typically takes one year to complete and transfers into the related associate degree program.

  • Entrepreneurship (32 credits)
    This Certificate offers opportunities for individuals to learn about and develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Human Resource Management (32/33 credits)
    Learn about and develop a variety of skills that relate to the human resource function in an organization.
  • Business Management (32/33)
    Learn about and develop some of the basic skills that may be utilized in business administration.
  • Professional Sales (31 credits)
    Learn about both basic and advanced sales techniques.
  • Hospitality Operations (31 credits)
    This course of study focuses on developing competencies in a wide variety of operational areas of the hospitality industry.

Non-Credit/Continuing Education

If you are not interested in a college degree or certificate, these continuing education courses can provide new skills in a short time.

  • Business Training and Certifications (Non-credit certification)
    The LCCC programs for business include accounting CPEs, information technology, project management, social media, supervisory skills and more. Click here for IT Information  Click here for Business Programs 
  • Lean and Six Sigma
    Earn a Green or Black Belt in our Lean Six Sigma training program.  Six Sigma tools help organizations streamline processes, increase productivity and customer satisfaction while lowering costs.
    Click here to learn more.