Interested in becoming a Boom Radio DJ?

DJ training at Boom Radio is open to all current LCCC, University Partnership and Early College High School students, as well as to all current LCCC employees. If you are interested in being a part of Boom Radio, visit us on the first floor of College Center.

Audio Production Classes

LCCC offers three courses in radio production:

TCMN 162, Introduction to Radio Production

This course is designed to provide students with entry-level knowledge and skills in radio broadcasting. Emphasis will be placed on the development of production skills in the use of audio equipment as well as developing an understanding of professional radio procedure and practices. Techniques will also be covered dealing with the improvement of the voice as an effective communication instrument.

TCMN 163, Radio Workshop

Practical experience for students interested in working with the LCCC Internet radio station. Students will assume on-air responsibilities of conducting professional radio programs and audio productions. Opportunities for learning radio management skills will be available as well in the areas of music, programming, promotion, news, sports, and commercial production. Repeatable up to a total of four credit hours.

TCMN 290, Podcasting

This class is an exploration of non-linear audio and digital sound editing. Students will be introduced and gain hands on experience to audio editing and sound editing software programs and techniques. They will be expected to capture, create, edit, and write a series of storytelling, audio scriptwriting, music or news assignments as well as expanding the use of the computer as a creative audio broadcasting tool. Production and performance procedures will be emphasized.

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