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Division Directory



Dr. Rosa Rivera-Hainaj
Ext. 7280, Room PS 210D

Administrative Associates

Mary Ellen Ziegman
Ext. 7254, Room PS 210a

Jan Bryden
Ext. 7383, Room PS 207A

Staff Associate

Beth Plas
Ext. 7036, Room PS 210F

Staff Assistant

Penny Friend 
Ext. 7273, Room PS 210c


Erin Hardy
Ext. 7268, Room PS200E

Dr. Steven Hubbard
Ext. 7239, Room PS 200F


Dr. Celestia Lau
Ext. 4733, Room PS 200D

Dr. Regan Silvestri
Ext. 7257, Room PS 200G

Dr. James Beil
Ext. 4771, Room PS 200H


Elizabeth Behrouzi
Ext. 4843, Room PS 207N

Heather Bubnick
Ext. 7249, Room PS 207D

Bethany Geiger
Ext. 4859, Room PS 207H

Dr. Jorge Gerszonowicz
Ext. 7262, Room PS 207M

Jeff Koleno
Ext. 7369, Room PS 207B

Kathryn Dobeck
Ext. 4772, Room PS 207K

Dr. Irina Lomonosov
Ext. 7252, Room PS 207F

Blerta Ereditario
Ext. 7490, Room PS 207G

Dr. Florin Muscutar
Ext. 7270, Room PS 207L

Lisa Sheppard
Ext. 7223, Room PS 207J

Aaron Weiss
Ext. 4866, Room PS 207E

Dr. Jeffrey Zeager
Ext. 7269, Room PS 207C


Dr. Meghan Andrikanich
Ext. 7272, Room HS 210J1

Dr. Ruby Beil
Ext. 7222, Room HS 210Q

Dr. Kathy Durham
Ext. 4739, Room HS 210P

Dr. Harry Kestler
Ext. 7264, Room HS 210H

Dr. Adam Miller
Ext. 4791, Room HS 210I

Dr. Janis Thompson
Ext. 7245, Room HS 210J

Emeritus Professors

James Blahnik (Biology)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

James Carney (Mathematics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Dr. Irene Cotton (Biology)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Dr. Terrence Green (Chemistry)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Donald Ignatz (Mathematics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Dr. Robert Kaiden, Jr. (Mathematics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Carol Leininger (Biology)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Dr. Stephen Majoros (Physics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Barbara Miller (Mathematics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Robert Seaver (Mathematics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Donald Wascovich (Chemistry)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Beverly Witman (Mathematics)
Ext. 4022, Room PS 210

Laboratory Instructional Assistants

David Karohl (Biology)
Ext. 7795, Room PS 200A

Elin Le Claire (Biology)
Ext. 7307, Room PS 200B

Laboratory Assistants

Patrick Campbell (Chemistry)
Ext. 7267, Room LS 120

Kathryn French (Biology)
Ext. 7204, Room LS 218

Angela Maziarz (Chemistry)
Ext. 7240, Room LS 120

David VanArsdale (Physics)
Ext. 7202, Room LS 110

Adjunct Faculty

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