Science & Math Pathway

What could be more important than understanding the world we live in and how it works? Through math and science, we develop new technology, improve our health and living standards, and provide vital growth to the world’s economy. Virtually every aspect of life as we know it is only possible thanks to scientific advances, and the pace of technology shows no signs of slowing.

The Science & Math Pathway provides you an opportunity to combine logic and precision with intuition and imagination. It offers a broad range of career options, good earning potential, and the chance to do something truly useful for the world and society.

Programs and majors in this pathway lead to careers in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, sustainable agriculture, environmental, and related programs through transfer to a four-year institution.


Program categories in this pathway:

Environmental Technology

Sustainable Agriculture

Transfer Opportunities

LCCC’s Program and Career Pathways include transfer programs for Science and Math. This ensures that much of your coursework will transfer to one of our partner universities or many other four-year colleges. Click on the categories above to learn more about transfer opportunities.