Chemistry majors are curious, analytical, and self-starting leaders. They have strong written and verbal communication skills and are good at math, physics and problem-solving. A chemistry student may like to perform experiments and work with their hands.

Chemistry education not only prepares students for careers as professional chemists, but also serves as a foundation for careers in other fields such as biology, medicine and engineering. The curriculum offers a thorough fundamental knowledge of the major fields of chemistry, covering the general areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, plus other specialized courses including analytical and biochemistry. Students gain laboratory experience in inorganic and organic synthesis, analytical methods, physical chemical measurements, spectroscopy and more. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the scientific opportunities available in the department by joining a research group mentored by our expert faculty.


Certificates or Programs:   Chemistry Major

Associate Degree

Associate of Science


Articulated Transfer Agreement

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Cleveland State University



Dr. James Beil
Professor of Chemistry