Environmental Technology Short-Term Certificate

With talk of peak oil, global climate change, alternative fuel sources, and the necessity of recycling, the field of environmental technologies is becoming more of a national interest. As new technologies are discovered and become more popular, career opportunities will expand and change. Studying environmental technology will provide you with the fundamental background knowledge to be involved as the industry grows. Your work in the field may help reduce humans’ negative impact on the environment or improve the global economy.

Career Opportunities

Environmental technicians are employed in research, testing and quality control of a wide range of products, including petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals and semi-conductors. They work in labs or in the field and may be employed by private enterprise or government agencies.

This one-year certificate program will teach you marketable skills such as environmental sample collection and monitoring, instrument calibration, report writing, and data management. You will learn a strong set of technical skills by analyzing various materials using standard procedures and instrumental procedures. Your focus will be on chemistry, ecology, and statistics.

The coursework in this program may serve as a stepping stone toward an Associate of Science or a Bachelor Degree from one of our Partner Universities or another four-year institution.

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University Partnership Program

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree – On LCCC’s Campus

Our Environmental Technology Program courses are designed to transfer seamlessly to this university partnership program:

  Bachelor of Environmental Studies with Hiram College  

  Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bowling Green State University