Agriculture has long been the back-bone of the United States, particularly in the Midwestern states like Ohio. In fact, even today, Ohio is a leader producer of soybeans and corn. However, with environmental changes, a global economy, and world-wide population growth, the nature of agriculture is changing. There is more and more interest in organic foods and crop production that minimizes impact to the environment – but that can continue to feed the world.


Sustainable Agriculture Program
Sustainable Agriculture Program


This program aims to educate students about the sustainable agriculture movement, provide hands-on experience with proven techniques, inspire creative thinking about the future of the industry, and graduate students who are ready to join the agricultural workforce.

Learn about the Specialty Gardens on LCCC’s campus. 

The program offers a short-term certificate that can be earned in one semester, a one-year certificate, and an Associate Degrees. Of course, you may choose to further your education beyond LCCC through our University Partnership or transfer programs.



Sustainable Agriculture Programs at LCCC 

Permaculture Design Certification

Includes six credit hours:

Short-Term Technical Certificates

Specialty Crop Growers


One-Year Certificates

Sustainable Agriculture Certificate


Associate Degrees

Associate of Science in Sustainable Agriculture


University Partnership Program

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree – On LCCC’s Campus

Our Environmental Technology Program courses are designed to transfer seamlessly to this university partnership program:

  Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bowling Green State University

    Bachelor of Arts Major in Integrated Environmental Studies from Hiram College

Contact the Program Coordinator

Dr. Ruby Beil
(440) 366-7222