Communication to Currently Enrolled Spring, Summer, Fall 2020 Students

Fall Schedule Changes


Hello, Student: 

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new or continuing student in Fall 2020, and know our students balance many roles in addition to attending college. We have prepared a schedule of classes that is designed to meet your needs as well as align with LCCC’s pandemic response. If you have not already done so, your next step is to finalize your Fall registration before classes begin to fill.

As we continue to build and adjust our Fall schedule, we will be moving lecture-based courses into a variety of formats that ensure social distancing and prioritize your wellness. If you are already enrolled in Fall classes, you may notice shifts in the course types listed on your schedule over the next 1-2 weeks as we make these adjustments. You can always access your schedule on MyCampus to review these changes, and reach out to your Academic Advisor to adjust your schedule as needed. Please continue to check your LCCC email, as members of our team will reach out to students via email to communicate when a course change will impact you directly.

In our Fall schedule, and as we make these adjustments, you will find courses in the following formats:

  • Online (W): Content delivered through the internet with no scheduled class times.
  • Online Live Conference (O): Online “web-conference style” courses meet at designated times and students are required to be present online, live at that time.
  • Blended (B): Part online, part scheduled face-to-face following physical space guidelines on campus.
  • In-person (P): Held at specific times following physical space guidelines on campus.


You can also learn more about what you can expect in these types of courses by watching this video overview.

As Fall approaches, we also encourage you to take advantage of the scholarships and grant funding we have in place to support your continued education. Read more about support programs to assist with your education this Summer and Fall at

We are excited you will be joining us for Fall, and are confident you will be able to find flexible course options right for you and your academic goals. Please continue to follow (Restart tab) for updated information about our Summer and Fall plans to help you remain safe, well, and supported as a student at LCCC.