At LCCC, we know that student success begins with ensuring every LCCC student has the technology, internet services, and support needed to fully engage in their courses and access services remotely.

We recognize that resources may be limited, and believe that access to high quality technology should never be a barrier to our students’ success. Students experiencing financial strains are encouraged to reach out to the Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) for connection to resources and additional financial support through our Commodores Together Emergency Aid Fund, if needed.


LCCC Technology Recommendations

These are simply recommendations, and many students may have technology in place that are lacking some of the features listed below but will still provide great functionality for coursework and engaging with student services. Additional software or equipment may also be recommended depending on the courses you are taking, but this list provides basic capabilities for LCCC students


Internet Connection

High speed internet services at the following speeds (you can use these references to communicate with providers or identify the service package best for your needs as a student):

  • Download 30Mbps or higher
  • Upload at 10Mbps or higher
  • High definition video: 2Mbps (receive) (download) and 3.0 Mbps (send) (upstream)

You can check your current internet speed here. Remember, multiple users in your home might impact internet speed, though, so it is best to check this under conditions that will normally be present (ex: when another family member is using internet or watching streamed television).

A cellular connection will likely not be enough to support conferencing (Conference Live courses, or student services that are best served through video connection).

It is always best to run a physical wire from your modem/ router, as wireless internet can be choppy or fuzzy (think radio static or a frozen video!)


Purchasing a new laptop or desktop computer

Look for the following:

  • At least 4GB of memory (8G is recommended)
  • Solid State storage, if possible
  • A place to plug in physical wires from modem/ router (see tip above, under “high speed internet”)
  • Web camera (or ability to plug in a standalone web camera)
  • Audio capabilities, or ability to plug in a headset


We also recommend…

  • A separate mouse can make navigating a laptop or computer a bit easier.
  • Headphones (or headset) will cancel out noises, increase focus, and help with audio when participating in classes or live discussions.
  • Flash drive (or two!) for backing up and saving your assignments, papers, and work…and for taking it with you if you need to switch computers
  • Web camera (included in computer or connected as a separate device) for recording (if needed), taking part in group student services or meetings, accessing your advisor, or participating in Conference Live class types.
  • Basic Microsoft Office Suite (word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.). Office 365 including 5tb of OneDrive cloud storage is free for all LCCC students.
  • Basic printer. LCCC offers on-campus printing, though at-home printing may be a helpful option for fully online students or those who may not come to campus frequently.


Scanning Documents

Sometimes, having the ability to scan a document may come in handy as a student. Many smartphones come with a scanner function built in or as part of the camera feature, and many free scanning apps are available for download onto your phone.


We’re Here to Help

If at any time during your semester you need assistance with technology, our Computer Lab Aides are here to help via chat, text, phone, and in-person at the Library and Computer Labs.