What can you do to stay safe? 

There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself on campus. 

Report Problems:  See Something. Say Something.

Always report any suspicious behavior or activity to Campus Security. You are the eyes and ears on the College campus. If you observe something that doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to let us know. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it’s best to speak up.

Note:  Weapons are prohibited on LCCC’s campus. 

There are several ways you can report suspicious behavior, including:

  •  Anonymous Tip form
  • call Campus Security at (440) 366-4053
  • report in person in LC 106.      

Stay Connected With the Rave Guardian App

The Rave app provides a way to report an incident to Campus Security. 

Travel in Groups or Request an Escort

There is strength in numbers. Walk with a friend or classmate, or call Campus Security at ext. 4053 or (440) 366-4053 to request an escort.  Avoid isolated or dark areas and report any unsafe conditions to Campus Security immediately!


Stalking is a crime described as the act of a person knowingly engaging in a pattern of conduct that causes you to believe that the offender (stalker) will cause you physical harm or mental distress.

If a person follows, exhibits undesired affection/attention, pursues or harasses you to the point where you feel uncomfortable while on campus, please contact Campus Security from any campus phone by dialing (440) 366-4053 or (440) 366-4444 from your cellular phone.

Sexual Misconduct

LCCC is committed to a consistent effort in maintaining an environment free of sexual misconduct and all forms of sexual intimidation and exploitation. Our goal is to create an environment for all students, employees and visitors which is fair and free of coercion. We have adopted a sexual harassment policy with accompanying procedures as the basis for community education and complaint resolution. Learn more about LCCC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. 

Threat Assessment Team

Lorain County Community College has established a Threat Assessment Team to assist in addressing situations where students, faculty or staff are displaying disruptive or threatening behaviors that potentially impede their own or others ability to function successfully or safely. The process is designed to help identify persons whose behaviors potentially endanger their own or the health and safety of others.  For the safety of the campus community any threat, explicit or implied, will be considered a statement of intent.