Public Administration and Political Science Department


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Create a dynamic, diverse program which meets the career needs of students and the needs of the larger community for well educated, well seasoned and talented future leaders.



Challenge and engage students in an educational journey which utilizes coursework and practical application experiences, community practicum/internships and service learning opportunities that  enable students to develop, refine and expand their knowledge, skill development and abilities.  In the process, teach them to both make a living and to make a life.


The Department at a Glance    

The Public Administration and Political Science Department includes a variety of programs, certificates and coursework that allow students choices of academic pursuit as they prepare to more fully reach their career and life goals.


Full-Time Faculty

Henry Patterson, Instructor
Office: iL 211M

Adjunct Faculty – Office: iL 111

Sally Albrecht, Lecturer

Charles Baumgartner, Lecturer

James Hieb, Lecturer

Jacqueline Holland, Lecturer

Chase Ritenauer, Lecturer, Coordinator

Brian Sheetz, Lecturer

Emeritus Faculty

Dorinda Masters