Transient Canvas, bass clarinet & percussion



Date: November 21, 2017

Time: 07:30 pm

Location: Cirigliano Studio Theatre

Cost: As our gift to the community, the Signature Recital Series recitals are free and open to the public!

Praised by the Boston Globe as “superb”, the dynamic bass clarinet/marimba duo Transient Canvas (Amy Advocat, bass clarinet & Matt Sharrock, marimba) has been blazing their own trail in the world of contemporary music since 2011. In that time, they have premiered over 75 new works, essentially creating an entirely new repertoire for their unique instrumentation. Fearless in their programming and hungry for new collaborations TC performs anywhere from microbreweries to concert halls and actively seeks out new composers who will stretch their instrumentation to its limits. 

Dedicated to spreading their repertoire, Transient Canvas has performed across the United States and Europe.

Transient Canvas proudly endorses Selmer clarinets and Marimba One marimbas and mallets.


Rebounds (2016) by Jonathan Bailey Holland (b. 1974)

\very/ specifically vague (2017) by Emily Koh (b. 1986)

Cold column, calving (2016) by Clifton Ingram (b. 1983)

glacier’s edge (hemisphere I) 

… frozen terminus: bicameral (contained) & inscrutable

… slow, incumbent frost: gelid & lymphatic

… “the motion of stars deep down in the ice”: tracing, layer upon layer (self-similar) … moulin: chiral, ablating (melting) & eddying 

corpus callosum 

… severing (a barrier): lontano, albescent 

“landscape shaped like a face” (hemisphere II)

… drift ice: buoyant & cantabile, detached & lamenting (“Go! hert hurt with adversite”) 

Caldera (2016) by David Coll (b. 1980)


to look at you dance and smile, to listen to you sing and then laugh (2015) by Beau Kenyon (b. 1979)

Nostalgia Variations (2015) by Adam Roberts (b. 1980)