COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Spring 2021


Before Coming to Stocker


Because your safety remains our top priority, we continue to follow best practices as recommended by leading health organizations, the State of Ohio, and the Lorain County Health Department, as well as from other performing arts centers and arts organizations, including:

  • Masks covering both mouths and noses must be worn by all patrons and Stocker Arts Center employees at all times for live events and films. Performers are also required to wear masks when not performing. Anyone refusing to wear a mask will be denied entry into the theatre and must leave the facility.
  • Contact tracing forms must be completed by all patrons, staff and performers.
  • By state and local health department mandates, we must use one set of doors for theatre entry and another set of doors for exit. We are limited to a maximum of 25% of fixed seating in the Hoke Theatre audience area for any event or film.
  • Six foot social distancing must be maintained in the lobby, box office lines, theatre entrances, seating, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout Stocker Arts Center.
  • All events and films will be general admission seating with our ushers seating patrons together with their family or group. We will not be able to seat you until all members of your party have arrived so that we can seat you together. No seats can be saved and you will not be permitted to change seats once our usher has seated you.
  • The theatre will be thoroughly cleaned after each event.
  • For now, please plan to pay for tickets with a credit card. We would prefer no cash payments at this time.

Here are the details of Stocker Arts Center’s complete COVID-19 Safety Protocols – updated April 16, 2021  

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable while at Stocker. Rest assured we have implemented best practices so that you can have an enjoyable experience when you come for an event or a film. This document will be updated as circumstances change.

How Are We Helping To Protect Patrons? 

General Information

  • Patrons and Stocker Arts Center employees are required to wear masks at all times that cover both their mouths and noses; performers are also required to wear masks when not performing.
  • There are signs on the doors indicating available entrances and exits allowing for one-way traffic in and out of the building.
  • Entry into the Hoke Theatre is controlled as per the Lorain County Health Department’s recommendation. The Even side doors are open for entry before the show and the Odd side doors are open for exit after the show. Ushers are there to assist you at the entry and exit points.
  • There are hand sanitizer stations available throughout the facility.
  • Everyone coming to the theatre for an event or film is required to complete a contact tracing form so that they can be easily contacted by the Lorain County Health Department should the need arise.
  • For live events, there is a minimum distance of twelve feet between the performer(s) on stage and where patrons are seated. There will be no patrons seated in rows AA or BB.
  • HVAC systems are set to maximize fresh air ventilation.
  • For now, no concessions/bar are available at events or films and patrons must consume all food and beverages prior to coming into Stocker Arts Center.
  • For now, all events will be performed without an intermission.
  • All patrons, no matter what age, must have a ticket to enter a ticketed event. All children, regardless of age and including babies in arms, must have their own ticket and must be accompanied by an adult. There are no special discounts offered for babies.
  • Strollers are not permitted in the theatre at any time. An infant in a car seat will be admitted to the theatre as long as the car seat fits in a theatre seat and remains there throughout the event and as long as the infant has a ticket for the performance.
  • Artists and dates are subject to change without notice, though the information about performances and films is correct at the time it is shared on our website, e-newsletter or through any other publicity mechanism. Please check for any updates.

Building and Venue Cleaning

  • All lobby and restroom surfaces are cleaned and sanitized each day, before, after, and between each event.
  • All theatre surfaces are cleaned, and seats/venue sanitized before, after, and between each event.
  • Frequency of cleaning is increased in all areas, and high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas are cleaned throughout the duration of events.

Ticket and Theatre Information

  • Tickets are available to be printed-at-home through Spektrix, our new ticketing system. They will be scanned or collected at the door rather than torn.
  • Physical tickets may still be picked up at our box office if you do not have the equipment for at-home printing available.
  • No printed event programs are available for now. We are collecting program information from the artists and placing a link on our website ( so that you can read the program at your leisure. We try to have the program information available prior to the event, but that is dependent on when we receive it from the artists.

Patron Information

  • Per state mandate, all patrons must wear masks that cover both their nose and mouth while in the building. Masks are available if needed. Anyone refusing to wear a mask will be denied entry into the theatre and must leave the facility.
  • All ticket sales require and collect contact information so that patrons may be reached if needed. 
  • In addition, everyone coming to the theatre for an event whether ticketed or non-ticketed is required to complete a contact tracing form so that they can be easily contacted by the Lorain County Health Department should the need arise
  • If requested, patrons are provided with sanitizing wipes, subject to availability, to use to wipe down their seats for additional assurance.
  • All members of your family/party should arrive together so that you can be seated together.
  • Patrons who have recently been sick, have a fever or have been exposed to the virus, are required to stay home. We offer a flexible refund/exchange policy for tickets if your health necessitates you missing an event for which you have already purchased a ticket.

Social Distancing

  • Theatre capacity in the Hoke Theatre is limited by the State to a maximum of 25% of fixed seats and has been further reduced to allow for the mandated 6′ social distancing between parties due to the seating configuration of the space. The Cirigliano Studio Theatre cannot be used for performances until the capacity limit is raised. 
  • Only General Admission seating is available so that we can ensure a minimum of 6’ (3 empty seats) between each party (family/group/pod), and assure that every other row remains empty. Our ushers will seat you once your entire party has arrived.
  • Floor markings and signage indicate 6-foot distancing in specific lobby areas.
  • Bathroom facilities are open for use. Please be aware and do your best to ensure adequate social distancing.
  • On the designated entrance side, all entrance doors to the theatre are open and available for touchless entry to minimize lines.
  • Doors to the theatre are open one hour prior to the performances or films, and start times may be relaxed a bit to ensure that patrons have adequate time to enter without crowding.
  • Following the performance/film, we are releasing patrons from the theatre row-by-row to avoid a mass exit. Please exit the building immediately when your row is dismissed. Do not gather to socialize in the lobby.
  • Everyone is required to practice social distancing while on campus.

What Are the Safety Guidelines for Staff?

  • In order to protect our audience members, our employees are wearing masks that cover their noses and mouths. We require our guests and performers to do so as well, per the current state mandate.
  • Employees sanitize their workstations throughout the day, with shared office equipment (copier, walkie-talkies, earpieces, scanners, phones, computers, laptops, paper cutter, etc.) sanitized immediately after use.
  • Hands must be washed and/or hand sanitizer used regularly throughout the day.

How Are We Ensuring the Safety of Performers and Backstage Staff? 

  • Performers or crew members who are sick or showing signs of illness will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Masks covering both noses and mouths are required both onstage and offstage at all times during rehearsals and performances. The only exceptions to onstage masks are vocalists and musicians who blow into instruments.
  • All dressing room and green room surfaces are cleaned and sanitized each day, before and after, and between each event.
  • Upstairs and downstairs dressing room spaces are available to provide additional space for performers to practice social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed in the wings and at the stage door for regular sanitizing.
  • Social distancing protocol must be adhered to in all backstage/offstage spaces and whenever possible, when performers are on stage performing.
  • There will be no audience meet-and-greet following the performances and no guests are permitted in the green room, dressing rooms or any backstage area – only performers and their tech crew are allowed.
  • No merchandise will be sold in the lobby at performances, though artists are welcome to let the audience know from the stage where they can purchase merchandise.
  • All equipment is cleaned and sanitized before, after, and between each rehearsal and performance.
  • Musicians must be spaced at least 6 feet apart and other performers must adhere to social distancing guidelines as much as is possible within their performance.

What Can You Do?

People with symptoms such as fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, may have coronavirus/COVID-19. We encourage you to stay home and contact a medical professional if you are experiencing any symptoms. Here are some of the ways that you can protect yourself and help prevent the spread of the virus while in public and at Stocker Arts Center events:

  • Do not attend an event if you are showing any symptoms, have recently been sick, or have been exposed to someone who has had COVID-19.
  • Take standard precautions, such as frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, and maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet from others while in the lobby, restrooms and other common areas of the building.
  • When possible, please purchase your tickets online and choose “Print my tickets at Home” as the method of delivery of your tickets. Your tickets can also be picked up at the box office on the night of the event. If online ordering will not work for you, you can still order your tickets by phone through the box office by calling (440) 366-4040.
  • Since seating for events will be limited, and in order to limit lines and contact at the box office, it is still best to order your tickets in advance and not wait until show time to buy your tickets. If you must buy your tickets at the door before the performance, please plan to pay by credit card, the preferred method of payment at this time.
  • Tickets will be scanned just before you enter the theater. Please hold your tickets so that the barcode on the end faces the usher to make it easier to scan without contact.
  • Follow the posted signs and arrows and staff member directions to appropriate entrance doors. If you are coming to a free event that has no tickets, please arrive early and follow posted signs and arrows and staff member directions to the appropriate theatre entrances. Our ushers will also help you find seating that allows for social distancing.                                                  

If you would like to read them, the Ohio Mandates for Performing Arts Centers can be found at:

rev. 4.16.21