Quiet excellence

LCCC’s University Partnership psychology program has Amherst’s Elizabeth McDermott poised for greatness

A new purpose

MEMS program prepares military vet Trey Brown for a new career in an exciting field

Tell us your story

What's your LCCC story? Share your LCCC experience with our storytelling team.
Kenneth Glynn

Setting sail to a DREAM destination

How LCCC lifted Kenneth Glynn up when the steel industry bottomed out
Corbet Keith

Shooting for the stars

MicroElectroMechanical Systems program is launching Elyria resident Corbet Keith on a path to a career with NASA
Eleana Cintron

Seizing every opportunity

NASA intern Eleana Cintron relishes every opportunity to learn through LCCC’s Early College High School program

A stepping stone to a bright future

How the LCCC athletics program helped put Phillip Miranda on a path to West Point
Sheradowa Washington

A decision that changed her life

LCCC’s ‘extraordinary’ faculty and its MEMS program help land newly single mom Sheradowa Washington back on her feet
Sharonda Hall

Earning a better life

WE3 program and United Way help single moms increase their earning capacity