Sarah Grimm in lab clothing with a microscope

From dollhouses to a MEMS career

Sarah Grimm turned her lifelong hobby of making small things into a fulfilling career
Kim Porter standing in front of a window

The will to provide

A widowed mother of 12 finds support at LCCC as she pursues new opportunities for her family

A new purpose

MEMS program prepares military vet Trey Brown for a new career in an exciting field
Corbet Keith

Shooting for the stars

MicroElectroMechanical Systems program is launching Elyria resident Corbet Keith on a path to a career with NASA
Sheradowa Washington

A decision that changed her life

LCCC’s ‘extraordinary’ faculty and its MEMS program help land newly single mom Sheradowa Washington back on her feet

MEMS grads in high demand

College first in Ohio to offer highly specialized bachelor's degree