Leena Boone in a lab

Scientific superstar

Grafton’s Leéna Boone overcame a traumatic car accident to make her mark on the research community
Heather Ketchum - young woman in a lab coat holding a bottle of whiskey

For the love of chemistry

How Professor Regan Silvestri helped Brookside grad Heather Ketchum reach her goals
Luke Lengel - Young man standing in front of a brick wall with arms crossed

A top-notch program

Top student Luke Lengel chose LCCC’s College Credit Plus program to get a head start on college at no cost to himself
Matthew Agosto - Young business man seated in front of a laptop

A game-changing experience

Matthew Agosto’s internships through the co-operative education program landed him a full-time job — and he graduated with zero student debt
Boy playing on the floor

Bridging K-12 and college

LCCC partners with North Ridgeville City Schools to establish the first STEM academy in Lorain County
Corbet Keith

Shooting for the stars

MicroElectroMechanical Systems program is launching Elyria resident Corbet Keith on a path to a career with NASA
Eleana Cintron

Seizing every opportunity

NASA intern Eleana Cintron relishes every opportunity to learn through LCCC’s Early College High School program
Sheradowa Washington

A decision that changed her life

LCCC’s ‘extraordinary’ faculty and its MEMS program help land newly single mom Sheradowa Washington back on her feet
Marcus Barnovsky

Eager to learn

University Partnership launches Marcus Barnovsky’s career as a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
LePreece Thomas

Engineering a new direction

Career Services links LePreece Thomas to an exciting new STEM career