High school graduate Jenna Bailey foregoes four-year university plans and enrolls in LCCC’s University Partnership

Jenna Bailey had a choice to make. It was mid-June and the four-year university she was set to attend in the fall still hadn’t released a final decision about how it would approach classes amid the coronavirus pandemic. Bailey had paid a couple deposits, told all her family she was attending, chosen a dorm, and been assigned a roommate.

But she wasn’t comfortable with the university’s ambiguity and began considering Lorain County Community College. Her grandmother offered the insight that helped make the decision easier.

“She said, ‘Sometimes the experience isn’t worth the outcome,’” Bailey says.

And with that, Bailey’s choice was made. She withdrew from the four-year school, where she planned to study nursing, and instead enrolled in LCCC’s University Partnership with Ohio University to earn her bachelor of science in nursing degree.

“For me, the University Partnership was the most logical decision,” Bailey says. “I am paying for college myself, and I felt the Partnership was more bang for my buck.” As for the deposits she paid to the four-year university, Bailey says, “I lost my money, but I wouldn’t change my choice.”

Jenna Bailey
“I feel 100% confident in my situation and decision. I know that I will be getting a great degree with a great, affordable price.”
Jenna Bailey

Making that choice has lightened Bailey’s mind. The University Partnership offers four-year degree programs from 15 Ohio colleges and universities at a fraction of the cost.

“I feel 100 percent better about my situation and decision,” she says. “I know that I will be getting a great degree with a great, affordable price.”

She also received LCCC’s Trustee Scholarship due to her above average high school GPA, which will cover about half of the cost toward her bachelor’s degree through the University Partnership. The Trustee Scholarship covers tuition for two years of LCCC classes and is available to high school students who earn a 3.7 GPA or higher.

Bailey was also already familiar with LCCC. During her senior year at North Ridgeville High School, Bailey enrolled in College Credit Plus courses at the college, earning 24 college credits and introducing her to LCCC professors and the campus.

“The professors were great, and really understood their students. LCCC also has smaller class sizes with more one–on–one time with your professor,” Bailey says.

And with growing concerns about dorm life while the coronavirus still spreads, staying at home will be a relief to both Bailey and her parents.

“My parents are ecstatic and elated about my decision,” she says. “I am closer to home where they know I’m safe, and in a smaller school where COVID is more easily tackled.”

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