Lorain County Community College’s (LCCC) bulletin boards and temporary posting locations are among several ways to inform the student body and college community of events and activities. These types of postings are limited to those that are educational, civic, or engagement nature.

In considering the use of bulletin boards and posters, individuals are strongly encouraged to explore how LCCC Connect, the College’s centralized, co-curricular engagement platform may complement or even serve as a substitute to reaching a broad audience of diverse students seeking engagement opportunities.

The College’s bulletin boards and postings contribute to the campus community and overall environment, and therefore processes are in place to ensure information is accurate, organized, and current. Unless managed and maintained by another LCCC department or organization, all bulletin boards are managed by the Office of Student Life and are available for use to both college and community members.

Bulletin boards are available for use by authorized student clubs and organizations, committees, faculty, and staff. The bulletin boards also serve as a community service to publicize local groups, meetings, cultural events, non-partisan information and political events, fund-raising events for non-profit organizations and educational opportunities. Posting anywhere other than bulletin boards (ie, fixtures, tables, doors, etc.) is not permitted.

Bulletin Board Guidelines

All postings on student and community bulletin boards must be approved by the Student Life office. Posters/flyers will be stamped, dated, and posted by the Student Life staff on approved boards. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to dispose of any unauthorized postings.

Postings go up weekly, though please allow for a maximum of two weeks in the event space is not immediately available. Postings can remain for up to 30 days from the original date stamped or after the event has occurred, whichever comes first. Student Life will regularly check for, and remove, any outdated items.

  1. Student clubs and organizations are required to submit a Publicity Request Form (link accessible to clubs and organizations within LCCC Connect) for posting approval. Once approved, Student Life will make the appropriate number of copies and post the communication.
  2. Other College and non-college users must bring the flyers/posters to the Student Life office (second floor, College Center) to be stamped, dated, and posted by the Student Life office staff.
  3. Student Life cannot approve the following:
    • Anonymous materials, without the name of the sponsoring organization included on the flyer
    • Posters that advertise alcohol-related events
    • Commercial/ sales advertisements
    • Employment postings (Student Life will refer to Career Services for next steps involving review of the posting, posting, and recruitment of LCCC students)
    • Promotion of off-campus travel programs not sponsored by LCCC
    • Communications in a different language without English translation
    • Communications that violate or promote violation of the LCCC Code of Conduct
  1. Promotion of educational opportunities may be posted, but must be of a non-profit nature.
  2. Personal notices, baby-sitting offers, apartments for rent, hiring events, etc. will be posted only on designated community boards.
  3. Recommended poster/flyer size is 8 ½” x 11”, and not to exceed 11” x 17”.

Poster/ Easel Guidelines

The Office of Student Life also offers easels for LCCC related events, which are designed to hold heavy weight posters and should be reserved for short-term communication of events, awareness, or engagement opportunities.

Poster content should follow the guidelines listed above (bulletin board guidelines)

  1. Easel requests should be submitted to the Student Life office at least three (3) business days in advance. The Student Life staff will review the request and send confirmation that the easels are available for use.
  2. Easels must be picked up from the Student Life office, second floor of College Center between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m on weekdays. Easels can be picked up two business day prior to the event, or the day of the event.
  3. Easels must be returned to the Student Life office no later than the next business day after the event by 5:00 p.m.
  4. All items must be removed at the conclusion of an event. Items remaining after the event has concluded will be removed and discarded by Student Life.

For permanent or semi-permanent postings and signage (beyond the timeframes listed in these guidelines), please complete the Marketing and Communications News and Events Form.