Posting Flyer Guidelines

The Office of Student Life is responsible for the informational bulletin boards throughout the campus. We seek to provide the campus and community with an avenue to reach out to LCCC students, faculty, and staff. We promote educational, cultural, and recreational events, activities, meetings, etc. Posting information on campus bulletin boards is one of the vital forms of communication on campus. The bulletin boards are intended for the posting of current news and events and are reserved primarily for use of internal college clubs/organizations and departments/divisions. They also advertise community information that maybe useful for the students, faculty and staff. The posting does not constitute endorsement by the Lorain County Community College or the Office of Student Life.


General Guidelines

  • Departments/Divisions or outside organizations must provide their own copies. Number of copies need for each header category is listed below. Student Life does NOT make copies, except for clubs, which in that case the club’s copy code will be used to make the copies. A list of copy codes is posted on the gray file cabinet next to the printer.
  • The cost of the copies for college clubs/organizations will be charged to the club account.
  • Only one flyer can be posted on each campus bulletin board.
  • Flyer size: Minimum is 8” x 11” and Maximum is 11’’ x 17’’
  • No half or quarter sheets flyers will be posted on the boards; they will be placed on tables in sitting areas throughout the campus. They don’t have to be stamped
  • Maximum days of posting: 30-days from Student Life stamped approval date or after the event date has passed, whichever is shortest (there will be exceptions under special circumstances per manager approval).
  • Expired flyers must be removed 1-2 days after the event.
  • The Approved Stamp with no date label: “Flyers Posted Entire Semester” is for flyers that are going to be posted for the entire semester and has no expiration date. (Ex. Club meetings, and UP flyers)
  • Preference will be given to LCCC student clubs/organizations and departments/divisions postings.


Flyer Approval Process

The Front Desk Student Workers are responsible for approving all postings of news items, events flyers/posters, and other request by outside organizations (meaning organizations that are not college sponsored). It is important that flyers/postings are in good taste and reflects the values of LCCC. Same day approval is granted. At the Front Desk Student Worker discretion, the flyers/postings will be approved and posted, if:

  • The content is relevant to the students and the campus (student-based audience)
  • The content is appropriate and non-offensive in language or imagery.


Flyers Expiration Date

A flyer is removed from the bulletin boards when:

  1. The “Approval Date” on the flyer is past 30-days regardless if the event has not taken place
  2. The event has taken place, but the approval expiration date has not expired


LCCC Departments

LCCC departments may post their own flyers if they choose (Emergency/Stat Situation Only). All they must do is bring them to the front desk and get them stamped with the approved stamp. They must use their own stapler and supplies.

  • The departments have been informed if there is no room for their they can put it where they find an empty space and the board monitor will make adjustments when needed.


What Header Category Should Flyers/Postings Be Posted Under

Some boards have side by side same “header” these boards are counted as one (look at bulletin board maps to located them). Don’t put two of the same flyers in the divided sections, only one is needed in either section.

  • Current News & Events – Includes flyers of current news and events about any LCCC student clubs/organizations, division, department or off campus affiliates, organizations and groups. In addition to information about classes, workshops, campus events/activities, community information, job postings, sale and housing advertisements. (48 copies are needed: 44 for the boards, 1 for Binder, 1 for Display Case, 1 for Boom Radio, 1 for the Collegian)
  • Security Information – Includes flyers/postings that have information about campus security: alerts, missing person, etc. (26 copies are needed: 12 for Boards, 1 for Binder, 1 for Display Case 1 for Boom Radio, 1 for the Collegian)

 If you are unsure about what category a flyer should go under, please do not hesitate to ask!


Bulletin Board Sequence

  1. Current News & Events
  2. Security Information
  3. Others: PTK/Stocker/UP


High Visibility & Traffic Bulletin Boards

  • BU = Business
  • PS = Physical Sciences
  • SS = Social Sciences
  • SC = Stocker Center


Frequently Asked Questions For Posting Materials On Campus


Who Do I Have To See To Get My Posting Approved?

Come or call the Office of Student Life

Contact Student Life

College Center, Room 206
Phone: (440) 366-4036
Fax:  +1 (440) 366-4675

Office Hours

In-Person Hours
Monday–Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Virtual Hours - Contact us at
Monday–Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Connect with Student Life


Where Can I Post It?

The Office of Student Life is the only ones permitted to post anything on the boards. They will post flyers/posting throughout the campus. All LCCC departments have the option to post their own flyers if they choose (Emergency/Stat Situations Only). They must bring them to the front desk and get them stamped with the approved stamp. They must use their own stapler and supplies. 

Bulletin Boards Buildings Current News & Events Security Others: PTK, Stocker, UP
Advanced Technology 6 2 0
Business Building 11 5 2 – Stocker
Health and Science 4 3 0
Physical Science 4 4 2 – Stocker
2 – PTK
Stocker Center 8 3 3 – Stocker
University Center 11 5 3 – Stocker
5 – UP


What Can I Post?

Flyers and posting of a general nature announcing:

  • LCCC events and activities held on or off campus.
  • Upcoming events and activities in the community.
  • Must obtain approval before posting.


Flyers that advertise or promote items or services for sale:

  • LCCC students, faculty, staff and community members may advertise items for sale, i.e. used textbooks.
  • Must obtain approval before posting.


Job Postings/Classified (Help Wanted):

  • Employers seeking employees


How Many Flyers Do I Need?

  • 48 copies for Current News & Events (44 for the boards, 1 for the binder, 1 for Boom Radio, 1 for the Collegian, and 1 for Display Case).
  • 26 copies for Security Information (22 for boards, 1 for the binder, 1 for Duck Radio and 1 for the Collegian).

Are There Any Restrictions?

  • No postings on exterior building surfaces are permitted.
  • No literature of any kind is to be placed on automobiles either on- or off-campus.
  • No postings may cover up previously posted materials.
  • Materials may be approved to hang for a maximum of 30 days (except under special circumstances).
  • No promotion of alcohol or controlled substances.
  • No postings shall include demeaning, sexual or discriminatory portrayal of individuals or groups.
  • Posted materials that are not approved
  • Any postings on unapproved areas such as glass, painted walls, doors, columns, railings, fire extinguishers, or fire alarm boxes will be removed by Office of Student Life or another LCCC staff member (Exceptions to this rule may include official college notices for immediate issues such as “college closed” or class cancellation notices that include specific dates).