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Club Chartering

Start a New Club

If you have a passion, and want to create a place for like-minded students to come together to socialize, share ideas, and work toward common goals, then you might consider starting a club at LCCC. This Club Chartering Packet contains step-by-step information on how to do so, as well as necessary documents and supplementary information. Before you go any further however, please inquire at the Student Life desk for a list of current LCCC clubs, as there may already be one similar to the club you wish to start.

Club Reactivation

Any club denoted by an asterisk (*) has been recently inactive.

From semester to semester, some student clubs become inactive, either due to lack of student interest or failure to maintain active status. Any current LCCC student may reactivate a club by completing the Club Reactivation Packet This packet contains step-by-step information on this process, including all necessary documents and supplementary information.

If you feel inspired to revitalize the club, we encourage you to do so!

Contacting Clubs

  • If there is a club that is on the list that you are interested in and they do not have an email address listed, please email us at to find out more information about the club.
  • If there is a club that you have emailed and they haven’t gotten back to you, please email us so that we can help you make contact or let you know if the club is active, inactive, or on break.

Please stop by the Student Life desk on the 2nd floor of the College Center (CC 206) for assistance or any additional questions you may have, or feel free to contact us via email or by phone at (440) 366-4036.

Student Clubs

Acappella Club*

The purpose of the A cappella Club is to allow students to express themselves through music as well as converge with other talented musicians to perform. Members have the opportunity to learn the styles of A cappella performers. The group learns many different songs from different artists and perform them a cappella.  

Anime Society

The main purpose of the Anime Society of LCCC will be to provide its members with quality entertainment in the form of Anime (Japanese Animation) films, as well as other forms of Asian and occasional Western Pop cinema. Also Anime Society intends to hold presentations and workshops in order to educate interested parties from both LCCC and the surrounding communities, the art, style, culture, history and lifestyles found in both anime and anime fandom.  


American Society for Microbiology (ASM)

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote student interest and further improve the quality of the Microbiology program at Lorain County Community College, to promote high school student interest in microbiology and their attendance at Lorain County Community College, to provide aid for students in Microbiology at Lorain County Community College with respect to academic curriculum, research, and employment, to promote student participation in local, state, and national ASM meetings, and to provide community services.

Black Progressive*

The purpose of Black Progressives is to be an outlet for the common cultural and educational interest of the students of Lorain County Community College who come from an African American background. It is also to give all students interested in multicultural issues an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the African American culture and experience, to create a group for members to foster closer relationships with one another, LCCC campus community and the Community at Large.

Business Club

The purpose of the Business Club is to broaden student awareness of and knowledge about the diversity of career options in business and industry; give students an opportunity to meet and learn from business executives and employers; expand students’ knowledge’ about the various types of businesses and how they operate in the “real world;” and introduce students to potential employers.


Cru is a group of students united in friendship and fellowship by their faith in Christ. Cru is an interdenominational, student, Christian group seeking to provide a spiritual environment for students.  


Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Club*

The purpose of this club is to explore and promote careers in digital forensics and cybercrime prevention and to learn about new and existing technologies as well as laws related to these fields.  


Environmental Awareness Council

The purpose of this club is to provide information and support necessary for promoting active environmental stewardship on a personal and community level.


Envision, Play, Interact, Create (E.P.I.C.)*

E.P.I.C. is an organization that promotes socialization through tabletop and live action gaming. The organization includes opportunities to play trading card games, tabletop games and live action role playing games with others of the same interest as well as those who are just curious about the club and want to come have fun hanging out and meeting new people with similar interests.


The club is open to all LCCC students who are interested in exploring careers in the business world. This is done by activities such as guest speakers, seminars, and company tours. Students can have active roles in the contact of companies and learn leadership skills.

Gamers Paradise 

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe and welcoming place for people to come and have fun in various activities that include video games and board games.

Lorain Writers Society

The purpose of this club is to promote poetry and creative writing in all forms and encourage members to appreciate, write and express themselves through creative writing. The club will serve as a n educational forum for poets and writers of all kinds by holding workshops and discussing the various forms of poetry, prose and creative writing.  

Los Unidos*

 Through open discussions and activities, the Los Unidos Club attempts to bring the student body closer together in the development of the Hispanic culture. The purpose of Los Unidos is to provide the opportunity for the cultural and educational exploration of the numerous and varied aspects of the Hispanic/Latino culture for all students receiving their education at Lorain County Community College.

Multicultural Club 

The purpose of the Multicultural Club will be to explore and promote an increased understanding of various cultures of the world among the students of Lorain County Community College. Members of the club will have the opportunity to better their leadership abilities through their participation. The club will collaborate with other clubs, as well as the Faculty, teachers, and students of this college to achieve these ends. The activities of the club will extend beyond the college to the community.

Muslim Student Association

The purpose of the MSA is to promote awareness regarding the Islamic faith by educating students about Islamic principles and answering questions about the Islamic faith. In addition, members will actively strive to help the community through volunteering and fundraising while simultaneously strengthening the Muslim community at LCCC and the surrounding areas.

Physical Therapist Assistant Association

Provides insight into the field through various activities and promotes education and awareness within the members, the campus and the community. Membership in the PTAA is open to any Student at LCCC. Future Plans- To continue with community outreach and education by participating in health fairs for community members.


The PRIDE Club (People Respecting Individual Diversity Everywhere) encourages people to be open about who they are and accepting of who others are. The club does fundraising for AIDS, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, and other organizations in need. The club holds weekly meetings to discuss outings and special community events to encourage individual diversity.

Pre-Law Club*

Pre-Law club is an organization for pre-law students wishing to enhance their career opportunities and Law School applications.  

Pre-Medical Club*

Pre-Med Club is an organization for students currently pursuing a medical interest designed to enhance their opportunities and Medical School applications. The Pre-Med Club will help members to prepare for Medical School. Members will learn about the medical field and strengthen their Medical School applications through volunteering while developing future friendships and leadership skills.  

Ship of Fools Comedy Club*

The purpose of the Ship of Fools Comedy Club, is to develop members by the use and ability of public oratory; the introduction and maintenance of the use of humor as expression for both entertainment and formal argument; development of performance skills; and promoting the healing power of laughter.  

Skill Toys Club*

The purpose of the Skill Toys Club is to give an open outlet to teach and further the use of skill toys such as Yoyos, Kendamas, Dioblos, juggling items, hacky sacks, and spin tops. The club is open to other skill toys but they must be approved first before use at the meetings. Skill toys are a great way to stay active and strengthen hand eye coordination. By having a club available to the student body of LCCC, it greatly helps promote the use of skill toys and hobby culture involved around them. The club also finds that many people learn skill toys much easier when having in person demonstrations, which will be open to anyone who attends.  

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

The Society of Professional Journalists is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty. Also, SPJ has a purpose to connect student journalists to professionals within the regional and national SPJ organization, to encourage diversity in journalism, to inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become dedicated journalists, to provide educational opportunities for student journalists who want to learn more about the industry, and to promote student involvement in journalism.

Student Chapter of American Dental Hygienists (SCADHA) I & II

The purpose of SCADHA I and II is to promote overall community oral health and education by providing the community with dental hygiene services and education to comply with the American Dental Hygiene Association’s mission statement which is “To improve the public’s total health, the mission of ADHA is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene. We work to: Ensure access to quality oral health care; increase awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention; promote the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research; represent and promote the interests of dental hygienists.”

Students in Recovery Club

New Student Club Chartered In conjunction with the establishment of the new Caring Advocates for Recovery Education (CARE) Center, a new student club has been chartered in Student Life – Students in Recovery (SIR) – to help students struggling with addiction and recovery.  The purpose of this student organization is to:

  • Provide support to LCCC and UP students who have difficulties with addiction or have a family member or friend with addiction challenges; provide education to students about recovery;
  • Provide resources to students in need; and
  • Provide opportunities for students with alcohol, drug and other addictive behavior to meet and interact with those who are leading a balanced lifestyle. 

For more information on the new Students in Recovery club, call extension 4848.  

Student Nurses Association

Student Nurse Association functions to have direct input into the demands of nursing education, with influence on health care and practice. Satellite student associations are also at Firelands BGSU, Medina Career Center and Terra Community College.

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

The purpose of SOTAis to raise awareness of the occupational therapy profession and the program, as well as provide a support base for the members of the classes.  

Table Tennis Club*

The purpose of this club is to allow every LCCC student the opportunity to play, practice and participate in Table Tennis. The Table Tennis Club will strive to represent LCCC in the best possible manner in any competitions, tournaments, and community service.  


Thrive is a Christian group seeking to provide a spiritual environment for students, united in friendship and fellowship by their faith.  

Veteran’s Club

The purpose of the Veteran’s Club is to promote the fraternal spirit of the United States Military Veterans through on-campus resources and activities.

Student Leadership & Organizations

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK)

An honorary society interested in promoting academic achievement and fellowship. It is open to both male and female students. Application procedures and induction ceremonies are held in the fall and spring. The purpose of Phi Pi shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among community/junior college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Pi shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Psi Beta Honor Society

The purpose of the Psi Beta Chapter is to serve as a means of national recognition of the student’s early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement. Opportunities are provided to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology. The club offers a forum for developing one’s perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field. The club also provides the following opportunities: enhanced leadership skills, student/faculty interaction outside the classroom, research that is encouraged, and programs and services that will benefit the campus and the community.

Student Senate

The LCCC Student Senate provides full student representation on all matters pertaining to student life. The Senate promotes awareness of the problems and the procedures that would be of importance to the student body. Elections are held each spring. Student Senate meetings are open for any student to attend.

Learn More About Student Senate  

Participate in the Arts

The Collegian 

The Collegian is the LCCC student newspaper. The membership is open to any student with an interest in writing, editing, or photography.

Learn More About the Collegian  

Duck Radio  

LCCC Radio – The Duck is a Student-operated Internet radio station operating 24 hours a day and offering programs to satisfy many different music tastes. The Duck also offers some DJ positions to students interested in learning the trade. 

Learn More About Duck Radio