Student Clubs and Organizations Forms

FAQ’s-Event Form Submittal Process
These are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to help student clubs understand the event form submittal approval process and timeline.

Publicity Materials Request Form
For clubs to request publicity materials for your event.

Publicity Materials Request Form

Event Request Form

The purpose of this form is to notify and gain approval for your events. Submit to the Student Life Office at least 3 weeks prior to your event.

Example of Event Request Form

Event Planning Checklist
The purpose of this Checklist is to be a guide for organization to think through the planning deadlines and responsibilities.

Event Pre-Planning Form
The purpose of the Pre-Planning Guide is to assist clubs and organizations in the creative brainstorming process and to begin to solidify information necessary for success.

Event Report-Out Form

To be completed at the end of an event. Also to be completed when turning in Tier Requests.

Example of Event Report Out Form  

Purchase Request Form

This form needs to filled out  for purchasing of items.  Remember, prior approval is required from the Office of Student Life.

Example of Purchase Request Form

Agreement and Guidelines for Cubicle Use Form

The purpose of this form is for clubs to turn this in to get a cubicle for their club. This form must be filled out each fall semester and submitted with a current Slate of Officers.

LCCC Student Email Account Cover Letter

LCCC Student Email Account Guidelines

LCCC Student Email Account Request Form
The three documents contained above include the packet of information which pertains to current LCCC Student Clubs requesting an LCCC Student Club email account for club use.

Club Incentive Program Packet


Slate of Officers Form
Any time a club elects or appoints officers an updated Slate of Officers form must be submitted to the Office of Student Life. Slate of Officers forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless signed by the advisor and club president.

Club Constitution Verification Form
To maintain active status, the Office of Student Life requires Club Officers to review their Constitution at the start of each Fall Semester, enact changes as necessary following the process for making amendments contained within, and submit a copy accompanied by appropriate documentation as well as this form.

Furthermore, any time there are revisions made to a club Constitution, it must be submitted with documentation of the amendment meeting (including meeting minutes and a sign-in sheet) and must be approved by the Manager of the Office of Student Life before taking effect.

Club Charter Packet


  • Club Charter Application
  • Constitution Template, and
  • Instructions & Requirement

Club Reactivation Packet


  • Reactivation Guidelines and Requirements, and
  • Reactivation Application