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LCCC Student Senate
1005 Abbe Road North (College Center 203)
Elyria, OH 44035
1-800-955-5222 ext. 4036
(440)366-4675 Fax

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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How Student Senate Works

What is Student Senate?

The Student Senate is a seven-member legislative assembly that allows members of the student body to have a voice in the affairs that affect their everyday college lives. They can be elected and/or appointed.

What do they do?

The Student Senate exists to serve the students of LCCC.  The Senate serves as a liaison between students and the administration, by bringing the viewpoints, interest, opinions, concerns, issues and suggestions of the students. This ensures that the administration can make informed decisions about institutional facilities, practices, and curriculum. The Student Senate organizes events, activities, and projects and that improve the quality of campus life. In addition, the Senate is responsible for the chartering of new student clubs and organizations.

How can students get involved?

The Senate welcomes feedback and active participation from interested students; there are many opportunities to serve on committees and plan cultural, recreational and educational events.

Remember, if you have a grievance, if you have questions about where to turn for help, or if you want to make a suggestion, stop by the Senate Office.

Attend General Meeting

General Meetings are held bi-weekly. Times are established each semester and will be announce and advertise throughout campus outlets. These meetings are open all students and to the public are encouraged to attend.


Senate Officers


Sijoon (Jude) Jeon
(440) 366-4774

  • Follow the Constitution and By-laws of the Student Government Association
  • Oversee and delegate as deemed necessary and appropriate such duties to carry out the functions and day-to-day business of the Student Senate
  • Call to order, preside, and maintain order over scheduled and emergency Student Senate meetings as the chair.
  • Attend bi-weekly Operations Council meetings.


Vice President

Anthony Rumph
(440) 366-7669 

  • Assist the President in any way that the President deems necessary.
  • Assume all regular powers and perform all duties in the absence of the President.
  • Oversee the completion of Student Senate office hours and submit to the Advisor or their designee a semester performance report.
  • Acquire collection of information for the development of reports with the assistance of the Executive Secretary


Executive Secretary

Saul Aguilar
(440) 366-7663

  • Be responsible for the recording of minutes, records, proceedings, letters, memos, proclamations, petitions, and other Student Senate related documents.
  • Be responsible for the distribution of records, minutes, and other related documents.
  • Prepare and distribute copies of the general meeting minutes as requested.
  • Establish an agenda for each meeting of the Student Senate.


Financial Secretary

Deborah Porter
(440) 366-7649

  • Retain and present a monthly balance sheet consisting of all Student Senate accounts to the Student Senate for review at Student Senate meetings.
  • Track transactions involving Student Senate accounts.
  • Present the Student Senate and the Office of Student Life of any discrepancies in Student Senate account balances.
  • Review, verify and submit for consideration to the Student Senate President or Vice President Tier Fund requests.


Event Coordinator

Danielle Porter
(440) 366-7650

  • Act as a liaison between the SGA and the college community regarding special projects.
  • Plan, coordinate and supervise campus-wide events that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Student Senate.
  • Responsible for the publicity of the Student Senate activities.
  • Assist with conducting and coordinating the Student Senate elections for the SGA in accordance with the Constitution.


University Partnership Representative

(440) 366-7668

  • Act as a student liaison on behalf of the SGA between Lorain County Community College and its Partnership Schools.
  • Handle all partnership student interactions with campus affiliated groups
  • Promote the academic and cultural programs of the University Partnership partners to the LCCC Student Body.
  • Be responsible for attending any relevant partnership committee meetings, events, or gatherings and reporting information at Student Senate meetings.


Learning Center Representative

(440) 366-7669

  • Act as a student liaison on behalf of the SGA between Lorain County Community College and the Learning Centers.
  • Responsible for attending any relevant Learning Center Committee meetings, events, or gatherings and reporting information at Student Senate meetings.
  • Promote activities provided by the Office of Student Life and its club/organizations while promoting Learning Center opportunities.
  • Handle all Learning Center student interactions with campus affiliated groups.