Open Position(s) for Student Life & Student Senate

3 Current Student Senate Open Position(s)

Deadline December 1st, 2017



The primary purpose of the Student Government Association is to serve as the voice for the student body which includes both traditional and non-traditional students.



Senators are given abundant opportunities to prepare themselves and learn various professional development, leadership and transferable skills for future career endeavors. Participating in Student Government Association at LCCC can prove to be one of the most valuable and meaningful experiences during your college career. It is recognized by universities and prospective employers as an indication of a prepared and well-rounded individual. Student Senators have many opportunities to associate with and learn from college administrators, faculty, staff, and other students which are all confidence builders.

Student Senators also acquire experience in organizational skills, team building, public relations, customer services, public speaking, event planning, resource utilization, prioritizing tasks, and marketing, while gaining an awareness of college programs and services. In addition Student Senators are involved in the decision-making process of the College, which help to make a difference and can have a positive impact on the LCCC community.


  • Paid Position
  • Internship Experience
  • Great Resume Builder
  • Inclusion on Graduate School Applications
  • In-State and Out-of-State Leadership Conferences
  • Achieve National Certifications
  • Priority Registration for Classes
  • Staff Parking Permit



A Student Senator at the time of their election, or appointment and through the duration of their time in office:

  • Must be registered as a student of LCCC or its partnership schools.
  • Must have at least a 2.50 cumulative GPA in accordance with official college records, with the exception of the President and Vice President which requires a cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  • Must have completed at least twelve (12) and maintain a total of six (6) credit hours per semester, except summer, in either/both LCCC and its partnership schools.
  • Must maintain good academic standing within LCCC as determined by the Associate Provost of Enrollment Management & Student Success.
  • Commit time and efforts to a minimum of 10 hours and maximum of 25 hours per week
  • Attend Senate weekly staff, general, and planning meeting
  • Serve on LCCC committees



You must register at our Career Services link to view job openings and apply for the “Student Senator” position:

  • Go to Career Link
  • Alumni / Community Member Access ID is your personal preference 
  • Select “student” or “alumni “ (if you are a non-student community member, select “alumni”)
  • Student Access ID is your student number with NO ZEROS
  • Create a password (one you’re sure to remember)
  • Fill out ALL information for Registration
  • Check box if you would like to receive information from the College Central Network
  • RECOMMENDED: Check box if you wish to receive announcement emails from Career Services (information provided includes specific employment and/or internship opportunities or events
  • Check box if you have read and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement
  • To Upload your Resume(or student employment application as a resume)
  • Go to the Manage My Resume section on the front page of your account.


In addition to filling the application out  in Career Link below there is an application that should be filled and out and directly submitted to the Office of Student Life-CC206.

Student Senate Job Application