Going to conferences and events is a great way to meet other leaders in the state and country.  There are some basic steps, which must be taken in order to make travel as hassle free and enjoyable as possible.  All travel of an official nature must be coordinated with the Student Life Office.   All monies must be available before a request is made for travel.   Prior approval is required before any travel is undertaken. This approval includes the filling of the travel packet forms (available in Student Life) which include the Travel Notification & Approval Form, The Participation Waiver Form, and the Emergency Contact Information Form.

Local Travel

The term local travel is used for events which a group might travel together that may end up within the county or adjoining counties.  This might include such travel as trips to Cleveland, or Youngstown, or Kent where the trip is not an overnight stay and may not be a conference.


Conferences are a great opportunity to learn and grow.  It is one of the privileges of being involved in Student Life activities.  Most fund raising throughout the year by clubs and organizations are raised for assisting in travel to conferences and workshops. Conferences should have educational value and fit the mission and purpose of the club or organization.  Determine if the conference is for certain officers, officers only or for all members.  The conference should enhance leadership skills, give challenges for growth and development and applicability to the campus upon return. As with all travel prior approval is needed in order to attend conferences. In order for permission to be granted for a conference, a proposal must be submitted to the Manager of Student Life for approval at least three weeks in advance. Any support material should be attached, including a schedule of events, session topics, speakers and speaker topics, etc. This type of information can be downloaded off the Internet or is supplied by the conference. Once approval is granted, Student Life can reserve your place at the conference.

Travel Resources

Use of College Vehicles

The use of a college vehicle can be arranged for travel purposes. The person driving the vehicle must be an authorized driver. The request for the use of the vehicle must be made through the Office of Student Life.  The forms are available in the Office of Student Life and, as with all requests, the use is dependent on the availability of the vehicles for the dates requested.

Use of Rental Vehicles

Rental vehicles can be arranged with the assistance of the Office of Student Life.  As with all travel, the monies must be available and the trip must be approved prior to a commitment to the rental company.

Airline Reservations

In order to get to many conferences and events, air travel may be necessary.  Airline reservations must be submitted to the Office of Student Life.  A travel form must be filled out.  It is necessary that the following information is accurate.

  • Full Name of all persons attending
  • Carrier
  • Number of persons attending
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Total Cost

Hotel Accommodations

In order for the hotel to be arranged, the following information must be supplied.

  • Name of hotel
  • Number of rooms needed
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Type of room required (single, double, etc.)
  • Names of participants and a rooming list


Meals are reimbursed up to the college approved per diem rate.  All receipts must be held and turned in immediately upon return from the trip.  Meals are reimbursable as long as monies are available in the account.

Determining Financial Cost

It is important to understand the financial responsibility for a conference.
Financial cost for a conference includes the following:

  • Registration Fees
  • Additional conference fees
  • Cost for travel (plane, rental car, etc)
  • Cost of hotel or accommodations
  • Food

Most costs are per person costs.  It is beneficial to break the cost down by section and then compile a total.  Your advisor can assist you with this.

Travel Process

All travel must have prior approval by the Office of Student Life
This requirement aids us in assisting you with making the appropriate decisions and arrangements, allows us to better process your financial needs, and informs us of the event prior to your departure.  This process also gives you peace of mind that the college is aware of your travel in the case of an emergency. It is imperative that you work with the office to have the official approval.

Pre–Approval Process

In order to gain the approval of the Manager of Student Life, the Travel Notification & Approval form must be filled out.   The form must be completed with the following information.

  • Name of the conference
  • Dates of conference
  • Location of conference
  • List of attendees
  • Financial costs

Pre-Travel Forms

Local and Non-Local Travel:
Once approval has been granted, the following forms must be completed.

  • Participation Waiver Form for each individual
  • Emergency Contact Information Form for each individual

For out of state and overseas travel, the procedures align with Procedure V-115: Out-of-State and Overseas Student Tours and Trips found in the campus Policy and Procedure manual.

Participation Waiver Form
The Participation Waiver Form explains that you are attending the event or conference of your free will and accept the responsibilities that go along with this.  All participants should READ and then sign the document.  All forms must be turned in to the Office of Student Life prior to travel.

Emergency Contact Information Form
This form is used solely for attaining medical information in order to assist in the time of an emergency.   This form is to be completed prior to travel.  A copy will be held in the Office of Student Life and a copy may be provided to a LCCC Staff or Faculty representative on the trip.


It is important to remember that although conferences and events are enjoyable changes of pace, the members in attendance are representing Lorain County Community College.  Conduct which is in violation of College Policy will be addressed.

In Case of an Emergency

Emergencies can and do occur. It is important that you are aware of your surroundings.  If a situation arises, please remember safety first.  Your safety is important.  Make sure you are safe and then look for others.  Follow the following basic steps;

  1. Remain as calm as possible.
  2. Seek medical attention, if required.
  3. Contact the Advisor immediately and update them on the situation.
  4. If emergencies happen away from the hotel, make every effort
    to notify your Advisor utilizing hotel management assistance.

If a situation arises of a severe nature (for example, accidental injury, damage to facility, or imprisonment of attendees), it is imperative that the Office of Student Life is notified immediately.  Contact the Office of Student Life at 440-366-4036 during the day or Campus Security at 440-366-4053 during off hours.  We will assist you in resolving the issue.

After Sessions/Freetime

Conferences are a great way to bond as a group, as well as to meet new friends. Although you are able to connect with others at the conference, no travel should be done without the knowledge of the Advisor or College Representative. This will assist in making sure that everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency.

Post Travel

It is important to gather your thoughts and ideas as soon as possible upon returning for the reporting out to your club members and possibly to the institution. Turn in all receipts as soon as you return from your trip to the Office of Student Life.