Academic Event Title Day Date
Last day for 100 percent refund for spring semester second eight-week classes Sunday March 21, 2021
Spring semester second eight-week classes begin Monday March 22, 2021
Last day for schedule adjustments for second eight-week classes ** Wednesday March 24, 2021
Senior adult learner registration spring semester second eight-week term* Wednesday March 24, 2021
Last day for 80 percent refund for spring semester second eight-week classes Thursday March 25, 2021
Last day to choose audit option for second eight-week classes *** Friday March 26, 2021
Last day for 40 percent refund for spring semester second eight-week classes Sunday March 28, 2021
Last day to choose Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option for spring semester second eight-week classes **** Friday April 16, 2021
Last day to complete withdrawal from classes and receive a W for spring semester second eight-week classes and third five-week classes ****** Friday April 30, 2021
Spring semester full-term, 10-week, second eight-week, and third five-week classes end (follow regular examination schedule) Friday May 07, 2021
Final examination period (Final Exam Schedule) Saturday May 08 – 14, 2021
Spring semester ends Friday May 14, 2021
Commencement Saturday May 15, 2021


* Instructional fees are waived for qualified older adults when they register for credit classes on an audit (no credit received) basis. Students must be at least 60 years old and have lived in Ohio for at least one year. Refer to the Credit Class Schedule for sub-term Senior Citizen registration dates. Tuition fee waivers on credit courses for qualifying older adults are processed on a space available first come, first served basis.

** Schedule adjustment and add/drop for a given course must be completed prior to the second meeting of that course but before the end of the schedule adjustment period.

*** Audit means to take a course without receiving college credit or a grade. Courses taken on this basis are not included in the computation of cumulative grade point average and are not applicable to graduation requirements. An audit cannot be reversed once the semester is in session. Courses taken for audit are not covered by Financial Aid or used for calculating course load.

**** A student may elect the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading option in no more than three courses for the associate degree and not more than one course a semester. The S/U option cannot be reversed to a letter grade once the semester is in session. The S/U option for credit may be used only for electives within a degree or certificate program. S means satisfactory and indicates credit was earned. U means unsatisfactory and indicates no credit was earned.

****** Failure to withdraw from a course or courses will result in an F grade(s).

Registration schedule may be staggered to allow easy access for all students.

University Partnership colleges and universities follow the academic calendar of their institution found in their individual college Catalog and website.