The Medical Health Technology program at Amherst High School prepares students who are entering a career in health and medical professions. The program is in partnership with Lorain County Community College and students have an opportunity to earn college credit that lead into a Health and Wellness pathway. 

College Credit Opportunities 

Students in Tech Prep classes or programs are better prepared for college, have fewer tuition expenses, and reduce the amount of time it takes to earn their college degree. Students can earn college credit through three options: Bi-Lateral Articulation Agreements (Tech Prep); Ohio Career Technical Transfer Credit (CTAG); and College Credit Plus (CCP). If you complete both years of your College Tech Prep program, you could be eligible to earn the credits listed below:

Tech Prep Credit

  • ALHN 113, Introduction to Patient Care, 1 credit
  • BIOG 115, Body Structure & Function, 3 credits
  • HLED 152, Community Health, 2 credits
  • HLED 153, First Aid & Safety CPR, 2 credits
  • HLED 181, Nutrition & Weight Management, 2 credits
  • HPED 166, Group Exercise Instructor Preparation, 3 credits
  • HPED 172, Exercise Management for Special Populations, 2 credits
  • HPED 265,  Prevention & Care of Sports Injuries for the Sports Professional, 3 credits
  • PEWL 151, Stress Management, 1 credit
  • STNA 114, STNA, 5 credits


College Credit Plus Opportunities 

Students can choose to take College Credit Plus courses at Amherst High School, LCCC’s main campus and outreach centers; or online. To create your schedule, talk to your high school guidance counselor or schedule a meeting with your CCP adviser.

Apply Your Earned College Credits to Your Degree!

Learn how to obtain your credits at our Resources for Parents & Students page; as a reminder, credits are good for two years following high school graduation, so don’t delay!