The College & Career Advantage (CCA) program was created in partnership with Lorain County Community College and Lorain County JVS to create opportunities for collegiate success for students pursuing career technical education. Students have the opportunity to earn up to a year’s worth of college credits, which apply directly into an associates degree, while still in high school. College credit is earned in both the applied and academic content areas. Students can choose to take College Credit Plus courses at either Lorain County JVS, their home school, online, or at one of LCCC’s five campuses.


Career Technical Program

The Culinary Arts program trains students in all areas of the demanding and competitive world of food service. Basic cooking techniques, baking, salad preparation, cafeteria operation and advanced culinary skills are taught by chef instructors and guest chefs. Students operate a full-service restaurant in their senior year and cater functions before, during and after school.


College Credit Opportunities

Students in Tech Prep classes or programs can earn college credit through three pathways: Bi-Lateral Articulation Agreements (Tech Prep), Ohio Career Technical Transfer Credit (CTAG), and College Credit Plus (CCP). Each of these options are available at no cost, but requirements vary for each program.  Tech Prep students who utilize these options are  better prepared for college, reduce out of pocket tuition expenses, and reduce the amount of time it takes to earn their college degree. With so many different opportunities to earn college credit now available to Tech Prep students, it can be difficult to keep straight.  Learn more about articulated credit, statewide CTAG credit, and College Credit Plus in our College Credit Guide.


Tech Prep Credit

BIOG 153 Basic Human Nutrition (3 cdts)

CULN 152 Essentials of Dining Room Service (3 cdts)

CTAG Credit

TRSM 118 Food Safety & Sanitation (successful completion of CTAG CTCF001)

TRSM 112 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Industry (successful completion of CTAG CTCF002)

College Credit Plus Opportunities at Lorain County JVS

ENGL 161 English Composition I (3 cdts)

ENGL 162 English Composition II (3 cdts)


Claim Your Earned College Credits

Before you graduate high school, you should discuss what college credits you’ve earned with your instructor. There are steps you’ll need to follow in order to have your Tech Prep and CTAG credit posted onto your LCCC transcript. Please refer to the Resources for Parents & Students page for a step-by-step explanation of how to claim your credits. Remember, these credits expire within two years of high school graduation, so don’t delay! 


Apply Your Earned College Credits to Your Degree!

During your participation in the Culinary Arts program at Lorain County JVS, you were being prepared to enter The Culinary Arts Institute of Lorain County Community College.  To find our more about the programs that are offered in Culinary Arts and to see how your credits could apply towards a short-term certificate or associates degree, please check out our program offerings. 



Contact Deanna Hersko at Lorain County Community College or Jason Kaczay at Lorain County JVS.