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Why Should a Student Participate in College Tech Prep?

College Tech Prep experiences are offered to students in career-tech education at select middle or high schools and all Ohio career centers. Students have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials, combined with college credit, which prepares them for entry level work following high school graduation. Programs are designed in collaboration with colleges and universities, business and industry, and nationally recognized student organizations. Most programs offer students the opportunity to learn a skill that prepares them for a high-skill, high-wage, in-demand career in Northeast Ohio.

The classes students take in high school are aligned to certificate and degree pathways. This allows students to earn college credits for classes taken in high school, saving money on college tuition, and reducing the time it takes to earn a college certificate or degree, sometimes by as much as two years!   For those who want to explore a four-year degree, many programs are tied to a bachelors or master’s degree option through the University Partnership.

College Tech Prep, along with LCCC and the high schools and career centers, establish relationships with local businesses to ensure that what we’re teaching in our classrooms includes the skills they’re looking for in a new hire. We are constantly striving to establish new relationships and continually fostering current relationships with business and industry so we can help our students land the best internships, co-ops, and work-based learning experiences in Lorain County.

College Tech Prep gives students a variety of options following high school graduation and prepares them for their entrance into the workforce and for continuing their educational pursuits.




What Types of College Credit Options Are Available to College Tech Prep Students?

With so many different opportunities to earn college credit now available to Tech Prep students, it can be difficult to keep straight.  Learn more about articulated credit, statewide CTAG credit, and College Credit Plus in our College Credit Guide.

Hopefully the College Credit Guide will answer any questions you have – but if you still have more, don’t hesitate to contact our College Tech Prep Regional Coordinator, Deanna Strauss.   


How Do I Access Earned College Tech Prep Credit After Graduation?

In order to have your earned credits posted onto your LCCC transcript, the following steps need to happen:

  • You must have an application on file at LCCC.

  • You must have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.50 of greater.

  • You must have earned a B average or better in your career-technical classes.

  • Your instructor must complete an Instructor Sign Off Form and submit to the College Tech Prep Office at LCCC.

  • You must send a final high school transcript to LCCC’s Records Office.

  • Credit must be requested within two years of high school graduation.


How Do I Request My LCCC College Transcript?

Requesting your LCCC transcript is simple and straightforward. Log into your LCCC MyCampus account and simply follow the steps listed in this helpful guide.


Are There Scholarship Opportunities Available to College Tech Prep Students?

LCCC is proud to support our career-technical students. In March, all career-tech teachers receive the College Tech Prep scholarship application. Students need to continue on in their pathway of study; maintained a 2.50 cumulative high school GPA; earned a B or better in their career-technical classes; and filed for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).  The scholarship is worth up to $1,000/year and is renewable for a second year. 


Helpful Financial Aid & Scholarship Information