What Makes College Tech Prep Different?
Because the College Tech Prep Program emphasizes both academic and technical skills, along with work-based learning opportunities, Tech Prep can help you prepare for a bachelor’s degree program, for an associate’s degree program, or for employment immediately after high school.  The choice is yours – but whichever path you choose, your “real world” knowledge and experience will help you move into your career field quickly and confidently. You’ll also have the insight and savvy to make informed career decisions about where you want to go – and how far you want to go – in your professional life.

If you decide to continue your studies at LCCC after completing the Tech Prep program, scholarships may be available to help you pay for tuition, books and supplies. Awards are limited, and you must have at least  2.75 grade point average to apply.  Find out more by contact the Regional Coordinator for Tech Prep at dstrauss@lorainccc.edu or 440-366-7625.

Guidance and Support
College Tech Prep ensures that students and parents receive career and academic guidance along the way.  Teachers, guidance counselors and dedicated Tech Prep staff at LCCC work with you to make sure you are successful in your transition from high school to college. 

Other College Tech Prep Student Benefits
Tech Prep students receive an LCCC college ID card, which gives them free use of the library, computer labs, physical education facilities. During open recreation hours at our Ewing Activities Center students can play hoops, tennis, soccer, volleyball and more.  Also available to Tech Prep students, is use of  LCCC’s indoor track and fitness center.