The Health Sciences pathway can lead students into technical and professional careers in planning, managing and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services and biotechnology research and development.

LCCC Pathways in Health Sciences 

  Exercise Science & Sports Management

Health Information Management

Allied Health & Nursing

Career Outlook

There are several resources a student can explore to learn more about careers in the Health Science Technology pathway. 

Check out LCCC’s MyPlan – an assessment you can take discover more about you! MyPlan will allow students to learn more about their talents and strengths. Use the MyPlan results to explore career salaries and connect to majors at LCCC. 

Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) has several useful tools for exploring career pathways and learning more about occupations. The OMJ Career Pathways show a typical path in order to reach employment in  certain occupations. 

University Partnership Opportunities

LCCC is the first community college in Ohio to have the University Partnership program, where a student can select from 50 different associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees all offered by leading colleges and universities. Combine your LCCC coursework with one of our University Partnership pathways and get a quality education that is the best value in higher education.