Identifying Credit by Program:

If you are working with a student who is still in high school and they state they have or will be earning college credit, ask them what program they are in and find their Program of Study on our Career Pathways pages:


If you are working with a student who has already graduated and they state they have earned college credit, you can locate  this information in PeopleSoft on the Course History tab. If you can’t find credit posted in PeopleSoft, you can check out Campus Intranet // College Tech Prep // Earned Credit Reports // Graduation Year. The Earned Credit Reports are broken down by graduation year — a student’s paperwork may not have been processed if a final high school transcript wasn’t received by the Tech Prep Office or if a student didn’t have an application on file at the time of graduation.

  • If you cannot locate the student, and they have graduated within the past two years, contact Deanna for additional assistance.
  • If the student is beyond the two year high school graduation grace period, they are no longer eligible for their earned college credits.


Helpful Documents & Links: