Ohio College Tech Prep at LCCC

Working in partnership with the Northeast Ohio Regional Tech Prep Center, Lorain County Community College helps connect middle and high school students to educational opportunities that connect them to the world. Together with our local secondary school educators and administrators we combine academic and technical courses, taught at a collegiate level, to help students earn industry-recognized post-secondary credentials that lead into an associate and/or baccalaureate degree.

We strive to provide prompt, efficient communication and processes for students, administrators, and business partners.

We engage students through on-site visits and presentations; on-campus events with connections to college faculty and business professionals; and Tech Prep focused New Student Orientation sessions.

We are committed to developing professional opportunities for our students through active involvement with career-technical advisory boards, regional engagement with business driven industry development councils and boards, and forging partnerships between business and industry with secondary career-technical education.

ODE CTE-26 Process

The CTE-26 is a web-based application that allows Career Technical Planning Districts to apply for career-tech funding from the Ohio Department of Education. Once a CTE-26 is submitted, Tech Prep staff will review the CTE-26 following a rubric that was provided by ODE.  Schools will be provided with a Program of Study from the Northeast Regional Tech Prep Center, which will provide districts with the post-secondary pathway and college credit options. CTE-26’s will only show CTAG credits as a college credit option starting in FY2020.  Tech Prep staff will carefully review your CTE-26/POS following a rubric that was provided by ODE.   Schools should be notified by May 15, 2019 with program approval or disapproval from their ODE Consultant.

If you’re a returning user to the CTE-26 portal, you’ll notice several upgrades for the FY2020 submission process. Please be sure to review the CTE Assurances, CTE-26 and CTE Program Review, and CTE Login roles documents on ODE’s CTE-26 Application & Resources

  • Applications are due March 1, 2019 for all NEW programs; you must contact the Regional Tech Prep Center for your post-secondary pathway. Renewing programs in the following pathways: Business, Construction, Finance, and Law & Public Safety are due by March 1, 2019. 
  • Contact Deanna Strauss, Regional Coordinator at LCCC, for assistance with starting your CTE-26 today.

ODE Industry Recognized Credentials & WorkKeys

College Tech Prep Program Campus Visits

A campus visit is a students opportunity to really get a firsthand view of a college. It allows students the chance to talk to current students, meet with program faculty, enjoy lunch by the fountains, meeting with enrollment and Student Financial Aid staff members. Students are able to familiarize themselves with a place that they know about through others’ experiences, marketing publications, and social media. After a visit or two to a campus, a student is able to identify if it’s the right “fit” for them.

Let’s start your students off with a great experience – contact us today to schedule your classes’ personalized campus visit! Most visits include individualized meetings with Division Deans or Program Faculty, hands-on workshops in our classrooms, an Up Close presentation from your schools Career and Academic Advisement Profession, an overview of college credits available to students through articulation and CTAGs, lunch (not provided), and an in-depth campus tour led by one of our amazing student ambassadors.

If your students have completed their College Tech Prep applications and have an LCCC student ID number,   we can arrange for your students to get their LCCC student photo ID while on campus, so they can access our Recreation Center and Library resources.  We look forward to welcoming you and your class  to our campus!

Articulation Agreement Process

The Process

If you’re interested in having your students earn college credit for a class you’re teaching, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact Deanna to discuss;
  2. Prepare an in-depth syllabus which includes learning objectives, assignments, quizzes/exams, course grading scale, number of hours students are in your class;
  3. Request an application for articulation;
  4. Complete application, obtain signatures, send requested materials;
  5. Attend a meeting with college faculty to discuss curriculum, learning outcomes, and course content (if needed)

Some Helpful Links Can Be Found Here:

ODHE Career Transfer Assurance Guarantee (CTAG)