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Important Information and Log-In Instructions for ATI TEAS Students

  • ATI TEAS exam must be completed on the same day of testing. Bathroom breaks are allowed.
  • Calculators are built into the exam.
  • Students may be able to utilize financial aid to cover the cost of the exam. (Financial aid is not an option for BGSU Firelands Campus students.)  Please contact financial services at 440-366-4034 for details or visit financial services at the Mike Bass Library Resource building in LC 146.
  • Your official exam results will be available through your ATI account upon completion of the exam.  These results should be printed and taken to Enrollment Services and a copy will be placed in your file.
  • The Testing and Assessment Center staff is not able to provide testing results or interpretation.


Create your ATI TEAS username and password

Complete these steps before test date:

  • Login to the TEAS location using Firefox
  • Type in address bar:
  • Click on “Create an Account”
  • Follow the steps for creating an account


Test-Day Instructions

  • Register at the Student Sign-in station (a sign is posted at the front door)
  • Check in at the front desk for proper identification, key to locker if needed and the ATI TEAS access code
  • At your computer, type in the address bar
  • Type in your username and password that you created
  • The TAC staff will then instruct you on opening the exam
  • Please remember to bring in your created user name and password for testing. The TAC staff does not have access to your username and password information.


Register for the ATI TEAS Exam


Register to take the ATI TEAS Exam at LCCC


Contact the Testing and Assessment Center
(440) 366-7773