Testing Center hours and policies

LCCC Placement Assessment

Most new LCCC applicants are required to participate in the placement assessment process.

Placement Assessment

Academic Testing

for LCCC and University Partnership Courses

Current LCCC students may use the services of the Testing Center for no charge as part of your college tuition.

Note: University Partnership (UP) students are not charged for tests related to their University Partnership programs.   If you are a University Partnership student taking a test for a non-University Partnership program, please instructions below for Proctored Testing for Non-LCCC Exams.

LCCC is committed to ensuring all students can access resources needed to help with costs. If you need assistance with the cost of HESI or TEAS, please consult with Student Financial Aid. The cost of Health and Wellness entrance exams may be eligible for inclusion in your cost of attendance.

Proctored Testing for Non-LCCC Exams

Academic examination and Accuplacer assessment from high schools, colleges and universities not affiliated with Lorain County Community College or Students considering CCP (College Credit Plus) Accuplacer testing not located in Lorain County.

In order to take a proctored examination at LCCC you must:

  • Have your college or university contact the LCCC Testing Center to provide the test and test requirements.
  • For the Accuplacer, your institution will have to approve LCCC Accuplacer assessment meets their testing requirements.
  • Have your Testing Coordinator contact LCCC Testing Center Personnel to set up the assessment. A confirmation email will be sent to the student’s email account. The email will have your testing information that must accompany you on the day of testing.
  • Complete the registration form and pay for your test.

Lorain County Residents: $20

Out-of-County Residents: $25

ATI TEAS Admission Assessment Exam

for RN and LPN students

Students applying for any nursing program will be required to take the ATI TEAS Admission Assessment Exam

Exam Fee: $77

ATI TEAS Exam – Nursing

HESI Admission Assessment Exam

for Sonography Students

Students applying for the sonography program will be required to take the HESI Admission Assessment Exam

Exam Fee:  $50

HESI Exam – Sonography


North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Entry Level Exam

for Engineering students

Exam Fee:  $150