Academic Support Center Policies

  • A student may receive up to two hours of tutoring appointments per week. Your appointment may be shared with another student during peak times of the semester or week.
  • A student may attend walk-in sessions up to two hours per day.
  • Students may not skip classes or labs for tutoring.
  • Tutors will not do students’ assignments, nor proofread papers.
  • Tutors do not have access to quiz or test questions.
  • Tutors will not take on the role of an instructor.
  • Check with the receptionist to verify that your course is covered in walk-ins.
  • Policies may change without notice. Please notify the Academic Support Center for most current policies.

Academic Support Center No-Show Policies

  • As a courtesy to other students and your tutor, cancel at least two hours prior to your appointment or you will be considered a no-show.
  • After two no shows, you will be required to speak to the Academic Support Center Leader who will assess your tutoring needs which may result in the loss of your tutoring assistance.

  • The no-show policy will be enforced each semester.

  • Please come in or call to cancel your appointment at 1-800-995-5222, ext. 4057 or 440-366-4057.