The goal of tutoring is to make you an independent student by assisting you in the learning process. Be sure to bring your textbook, syllabus, assignments, and a graded sample of your work, if possible.


Come Prepared

  • Try to complete as much work as possible before your session
  • Have questions written out for the tutor
  • Know that the tutor cannot do your homework for you


Respect Others and the Learning Environment

  • Start and end your tutoring session on time
  • Speak at a volume that does not detract from other students’ learning
  • Turn off your gadgets and phones, do not talk on the phone, or if absolutely necessary, take the call outside of the Center


Follow Tutoring Center Policies

  • Cancel at least two hours in advance (or you will receive a no-show)
  • With two no-shows, you may lose your tutoring assistance