The Academic Support Center (Tutoring Center, Math Studio and Writing Center) provides free personalized academic support services to all currently enrolled students. Tutoring can help improve your learning and build confidence in the academic environment.

We will help you become an independent student by helping you in the learning process. Be sure to bring your textbook, syllabus, assignments, and a graded sample of your work, if possible.

The Academic Support Center offers two major services: tutoring and resources.


Tutoring may take place in small study groups or workshops, by drop-ins, or by appointment.

Appointments can be in person or online. All appointments are with tutors from LCCC. Appointments are up to one hour long. Each student is allowed two, one-hour appointments per week. 

Drop-in tutoring can be accessed up to two hours per day.  All drop-ins are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Approximately every 15 minutes, the tutor will work with the next person waiting. You should have your question(s) ready for the tutor. For example, “Could you explain a thesis statement; I don’t understand what it is?”, “I was confused in class when we talked about this theory, could you go over the section with me?” or “Could you explain when I use this formula?”

*NOTE: You will need to sign in and out at the front desk kiosk through Accudemia each time that you meet with a tutor. You MUST have your student number or LCCC username in order to be signed in for tutoring.


Various resources are also available for most courses. Some of these include study guides, sample papers, worksheets, biology models, calculators, computer programs used in particular courses and textbooks.

Tutoring Tips for Success

Come Prepared

  • Try to complete as much work as possible before your session.
  • Have questions written out for the tutor.
  • Know that the tutor cannot do your homework for you.
  • Use appointments and drop-ins each week to work with tutors.

Respect Others and the Learning Environment

  • Start and end your tutoring session on time.
  • Speak at a volume that does not detract from other students’ learning.
  • Turn off your gadgets and phones, do not talk on the phone, or if absolutely necessary, take the call outside of the tutoring space.

Follow Academic Support Center Policies

  • Cancel your appointment at least one hour in advance (or you will receive a no-show).
  • With two no-shows, you may lose your tutoring assistance.

For our full list of policies, please see our Policies Page.