Online Tutoring 

The Academic Support Center and Math Studio will continue to offer online tutoring through a free, self-enroll Canvas course. In this online course, tutoring will occur through the conference feature, which allows you to meet with a tutor by using your microphone, camera or both.

Enroll now for online tutoring


How to get started

The course is available on your Canvas dashboard; look for LCCC Online Tutoring. Click on the course to enter and go to Chat. In the chat room, type a message letting us know for which course you want tutoring, or just ask for an appointment or other need you might have. There will be a student assistant there to help you navigate the online tutoring services.

Information on how to use WebEx is also posted on the front page of the Online Tutoring course, for your reference, along with other information on how to use the service. 


Things to consider

Tutors can also provide assistance with using your computer for classes, and other technological issues. Please contact us for an appointment or drop-in times.


Questions or Concerns regarding tutoring

We can be reached using the following: 



eTutoring is offered as an extension to the tutoring offered through the LCCC Academic Support Center. The schedule of available tutors is posted on the site, once you’ve logged in. Many times, tutors are scheduled for evenings and weekends, when the LCCC Academic Support Center is closed. Using both services allows you to have support for coursework at various times throughout the week. LCCC is also a  part of the State-wide collaborative, eTutoring Online to provide free, professional online tutoring in areas of:

  • Writing
  • Math (including Statistics)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


The tutoring options available are:

  • eQuestions: online question submission with an archive of previously posted questions & answers. 
  • eWriting: online writing lab with an archive of previously submitted papers and revisions
  • LiveChat: live communication tool that allows tutors and students to chat, whiteboard, share files & applications, as well as use audio & video tools.


How to get started

Sign up online by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the eTutoring Online website
  2. You will need to create an account by finding “Get Started” and following their steps from there.
  3. Use your account to login as needed!



If you have questions or would like to make an appointment regarding eTutoring, please email or call the LCCC Tutoring Center at (440) 366-4057.