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Bachelor of Science in Communication (2 + 2)

The Scripps College Bachelor Degree Completion Program in Communication is ideally suited for professionals in a variety of public, non-profit, and organizations with positions that emphasize internal and external communication.

The program cross-trains individuals in visual, written, and oral communication, emphasizing practical application and theory-based communication strategy.

The major is specifically tailored for individuals who have already completed an associate degree that will translate to Ohio University’s general education requirements. The program is delivered in a flexible online format, requiring no face-to-face meetings. 

Ohio University Website – Bachelor of Science in Communication

Parallel LCCC Programs 

Associate of Arts

One-Year General Certificate, Communication Studies

Program Curriculum Pathway

Course selection/order may vary. All pathways are subject to change. Always review with your LCCC/Partner advisor. Course location is indicated each semester.

DisclaimerThe fluidity of these pathways is acknowledged. At each level, changes are possible as requirements, courses, course numbers, etc. may change. All efforts have been made to confirm the accuracy of the pathway by each institution. Always be aware of the date of review on the document. Always seek the assistance of an Academic Advisor or Counselor. 

Semester One Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Institution Course Equivalency
CMMC 151: Oral Communication
(fulfills OHIO BRICKS Bridge: Diversity and Practice, Bridge: Ethics and Reasoning, Bridge: Speaking and Listening)
3COMS 1030: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
CMMC 165: Interpersonal Communication3COMS 2060: Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
ENGL 161: College Composition I3ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric I
PHLY 174: Critical Thinking3
CMMC 169: Small Group Communication3COMS 2050: Techniques of Group Discussion
SDEV 101: Introduction to the LCCC Community1
Semester Credit Hours Total16 

Semester Two Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Institution Course Equivalency
ENGL 162: College Composition II
(satisfies OHIO Advanced Writing requirement)
3ENG 2800: Writing with Research
OT36 Arts & Humanities Course3
OT36 Social & Behavioral Sciences Course3
OT36 Math/Stats/Logic Course3
CMMC 152: Communication Theory3COMS 2350: Introduction to Communication Theory
Semester Credit Hours Total15 

Semester Three Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Institution Course Equivalency
OT36 Natural Science Lab Course  4
CMMC 177G: Intercultural Communication3COMS 1100: Communication Among Cultures
OT36 Social & Behavioral Sciences Course3
MKRG 211: Applied Marketing Essentials3
Semester Credit Hours Total16 


  • For courses with the (*) notation, student must work with the UP OHIO representative to ensure student completes the accurate amount of additional elective courses to reach 120 credit hours required for graduation at OHIO.

    • For this elective course, student may choose to complete one of the following courses, which will fulfill the OHIO Bridges: Learning & Doing Requirement: SOWK 251, TCMN 265, THTR 285. Student may wait until enrolled with OHIO to complete with additional choice options.

Semester Four Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Institution Course Equivalency
MKRG 255: Advertising & Promotion Management3JOUR 2500: Advertising and PR
CMMC 175: Persuasion3COMS 2020: Communication & Persuasion
OT36 Arts & Humanities Course3
OT36 Natural Science Non-Lab Course  
(must be in a different discipline than completed previously)
OT36 Social & Behavioral Sciences Course3
Semester Credit Hours Total15 

LCCC Degree Attainment – Cumulative Total Credit Hours Earned: 62

Student will have earned the Lorain County Community College the Associate of Arts degree (#8720) and the One-Year General Certificate, General Communications (#4105) at the conclusion of the above curriculum pathway.

There are approximately 22-26 credits hours of coursework required for the OHIO Professional Skills Core for which student may complete at LCCC prior to transfer (or complete with OHIO after transfer) to fulfill OHIO degree requirements:

OHIO Professional Skills Core Course Requirements (Enrolled at LCCC or OHIO [ONLINE])

RequirementCredit Hours
Bridges: Learning & Doing Requirement1.0-3.0
Credit Hours Total22.0-26.0


  • Student must work with the UP OHIO representative to discuss eligible LCCC course options and the student’s specific situation to make a plan for these requirements and course selection.
  • For courses with the (*) notation, student must work with the UP OHIO representative to ensure student completes the accurate amount of additional elective courses to reach 120 credit hours required for graduation at OHIO.

Upon successful transfer to OHIO, in assistance with the UP OHIO representative regarding course availability, student will make a plan for completing the following requirements with OHIO for the bachelor’s degree:

OHIO Communication Major Courses (Enrolled at OHIO) [ONLINE]

OHIO CourseCredit Hours
COMM 1000 – Using Communication Tools1.0
JOUR 1330 – Precision Language for Journalists3.0
VICO 1000 – Introduction to Studies in Visual Communication3.0
JOUR 2150 – Mass Media Writing Principles3.0
VICO 2514 – Introduction to Basic Publication
VICO 2561 – Introduction to Web Design
COMM 4000 – Applied Communication Capstone
(completes OHIO BRICKS Capstone Requirement)
COMS 3420 – Qualitative Inquiry in Communication3.0
JOUR 3200 – Ethics, Mass Media, and Society3.0
Credit Hours Total22.0

OHIO Communication Major Elective Options – Select Five Courses (Enrolled at OHIO) [ONLINE]

OHIO CourseCredit Hours
COMM 3900 – Special Topics in Communication3.0
COMS 2500 – Organization Communication for Nonmajors3.0
COMS 3250 – Communication Technology and Organizing3.0
COMS 4100 – Cross-Cultural Communication3.0
ITS 1010 – Consumer Issues in Telecommunication3.0
ITS 2010 – Understanding Internet Technology3.0
ITS 4310 – Privacy in the Internet Age3.0
JOUR 4660 – International Mass Media3.0
JOUR 4923 – Seminar in Online Journalism3.0
MDIA 3105 – Audience Research3.0
Credit Hours Total15.0

OHIO Degree Attainment – Cumulative Total Credit Hours Earned: 120+

Student will have earned the Ohio University Bachelor of Science in Communication at the conclusion of the above curriculum pathway.


  • If student completes the OT36, as outlined in this curriculum pathway, prior to enrollment in a degree-seeking program at Ohio University, student will receive transfer credit equivalent to fulfilling Ohio University’s BRICKS general education requirements in Foundations (excluding the Advanced Writing component, which requires completion of TME 002 Second Writing), Pillars, and Arches. If student has not completed the OT36, OHIO will evaluate transfer courses on a course-by-course basis and will apply toward general education requirements as appropriate.
    • Following the above curriculum pathway ensures a student completes the OT36 prior to transfer to OHIO.
    • Student must meet with the OHIO UP representative to discuss OHIO BRICKS requirements for graduation at OHIO.
  • Upon matriculation at OHIO, student is responsible for tracking degree completion on DARS and is encouraged to work with an OHIO academic advisor in their degree planning.
  • Courses are subject to availability at each institution. It is suggested that students meet with a LCCC advisor and/or the OHIO UP representative to discuss course selection based on available options and to map out degree completion.
  • There may be additional eligible LCCC transferable courses for some of the OHIO requirement categories. Consult the OHIO UP representative or check Transferology for course equivalencies.
  • To qualify for graduation of the Communication degree, student must complete all OHIO graduation requirements, which include: general education (BRICKS) or OT36, College, Major, and residency. Student must complete:
    • a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of Ohio University credit;
    • a minimum of 50% of the major course requirements at Ohio University;
    • 120 total credit hours for graduation with a major; and
    • an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Transfer pathway updated 9/15/2023

Program Admission Requirements

  • All general transfer admissions requirements in How to Apply as a Transfer Student
  • Transfer Application dates and deadlines for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters can be found here: Transfer Dates and Deadlines
  • Transfer students can begin taking courses at OHIO during any semester. However, students will only be considered for merit-based scholarships if they apply for the Fall term and are admitted by May 15.
  • Students applying as transfer students, in general, need a cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Send official transcripts from all institutions where students receive college-level credit.
  • Students who have earned less than 20 semester or 30 quarter hours of college-level credit will also need to send OU an official high school transcript.
  • ACT/SAT scores not required for transfer students

Application Information

To apply to the Partnership, follow the steps below:

  • Complete an Online Application 
  • Pay the $25 non-refundable application fee. Transfer students eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and needing assistance paying the application fee can apply for the NACAC Transfer Application Fee Waiver. The downloadable form is available on the link provided.
  • Request all colleges and universities you have attended to send an official transcript directly to Ohio University.
  • Once your materials are in, you can monitor the progress of your application by checking your MyOHIO Student Center. Learn more about how to check your application status.
  • You will then schedule an advising appointment with your assigned Ohio University academic advisor.
  • Be sure to register for the Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO) after you are admitted to learn about resources and student support services.

Submit all college-level transcripts to:
Ohio University
Undergraduate Admissions
1 Ohio University
120 Chubb Hall
Athens, OH 45701

How do I know if I am in the University Partnership?

  • You are following the UP Curriculum Pathway from the associate to the bachelor’s degree.
  • For 2:2 degrees, you have been admitted to the partner institution and have registered for your first classes the upcoming semester, 3rd year of partner classes.  The first day of the 3rd year class, you are officially a UP student.
  • For 3:1 degrees, you are a UP student if you are registered for the 3rd year in either bridgework LCCC classes or UP partner classes. You may not be necessarily admitted with the UP partner just yet.  The first day of the 3rd year of UP or LCCC bridgework class, you are officially a UP student.
  • UP Office will use the email address your partner institution shares with us, which is once a semester, to email out a reminder to you about the UP program supports and services.
  • If you are unsure if you are in the UP, you are welcome to email or call the UP Office to verify your status.

How do I show proof I am a UP student to receive benefits and supports offered at LCCC

  • Go to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the LCCC Bass Library  (440) 366-4026.
  • Show your class registration for UP classes with the partner institution or LCCC bridgework classes.
  • Bass Library staff will place a color coded sticker on the back of your LCCC or partner institution ID card.  If you have no LCCC or UP ID card, a UP ID card will be issued to you.
  • You will need to get a new sticker (date specific) each semester that you are registered for UP partner classes.
  • An ID card is not required but would be needed if you are seeking benefits and supports at LCCC while in the partnership.
  • Supports and services are for Elyria Campus and the Learning Centers (Community Learning  Center at Lorain High School, Lorain Learning Center at City Center, LCCC Wellington Center, and University Partnership Ridge Campus).

For More Information

Lacey Latkovic
Director, Strategic Partnerships OHIO Online Enrollment
P: 740.593.2919

See the Ohio University Academic Calendar for important academic dates and deadlines.