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The integrated environmental studies major focuses on developing students’ abilities to incorporate concepts and knowledge relevant to environmental issues from across multiple disciplines and to communicate about those in important ways. Progress toward these central goals is supported by a variety of skills developed through hands-on learning experiences. Integrated Environmental Studies students can expect to integrate information from various fields, confront diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives, and apply these in specific problem-solving efforts.

Students majoring in Integrated Environmental Studies proceed through three key Integrative courses beginning with our introductory course (INTD 22500: Humans and the Environment) and ending with our capstone course (EVST 48000: Senior Seminar); take a series of required courses from an array of disciplines to build a multidisciplinary foundation; and select four to six elective courses.

Hiram College courses are taught by Hiram College faculty either in person or via distance learning. Students can complete the Integrated Environmental Studies degree in its entirety on LCCC’s campus.

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Parallel LCCC Programs

  • Associate of Science
  • Associate of Arts


Admission Requirements 

GPA Requirements

2.5 overall GPA at LCCC
Earn at least a “C” in all courses


For More Information

Students interested in this program contact:

Brittany Taylor


Lorain office: 440-366-4804

Hiram office: 330-569-5026