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The study of psychology is concerned with explaining, predicting, and describing the thoughts, emotions, and actions of humans and animals. A major or minor in psychology provides an excellent background for occupations in such diverse fields as business, education, and the social services. A major provides the basis for graduate training leading to the pursuit of psychology as a profession in either the academic or applied areas.

Many students decide to major in psychology because the CSU program prepares them to work with and help others in many different ways, from providing one-on-one, in-depth assistance to those who are suffering to conducting research into the causes of mental illness to understanding what motivates people to respond to written or oral communication. Individuals, couples, families, schools, businesses, and communities all seek and use psychological services. Cleveland State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology makes it possible for students to pursue a four-year (baccalaureate) psychology major by a combination of courses taken at LCCC that are either LCCC courses taught by LCCC instructors or CSU courses taught by visiting CSU instructors.

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Parallel LCCC Programs

  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Science

Admission Procedures

CSU has “multi-term” registration, which means in March, students register for classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer of the entire next academic year. For example, in March 2019, students register for all of Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020. Therefore, students expecting to take courses in any semester in the 19-20 school year are advised to apply before (or by) January 2019.

To apply to the Partnership, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an online application. Select “pay by mail” and don’t pay $40.
  2. Complete a Partnership Supplement Form and email it to This waives the $40 fee.
  3. Request all colleges you attended to send official transcripts directly to CSU. High school, also.
  4. Once your materials are in, check your CampusNet for an admission decision. It can happen fast!
  5. Once admitted, meet with your CSU advisor. The Partnership office can help with this, if needed.

For assistance, please call 440-366-4850 or email

Helpful Links

Academic Advising

Admitted CSU Partnership students meet their advisor at LCCC, in the CSU Partnership Office, UC 113. For assistance in scheduling an appointment, please call 440-366-4850 or email