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Bachelor of Arts University Studies (2 + 2)

Complete your bachelor’s degree around your interests and goals in our University Studies program. Customize a plan of study with your Academic Advisor based on your personal and professional goals to accelerate your path to degree completion.

While no two programs are exactly alike, the following applies to all University Studies degrees:

  • 120 semester hours are required for graduation.
  • Program must contain an interdisciplinary focus area of at least 18 hours, with classes from two or more departments.
  • 39 hours of 3000-4000 level course work must be completed before graduation, along with University and College core classes.
  • A variety of minors can be incorporated into the University Studies degree.

You can create a specialized academic focus through this program. Some examples include Marketing and Communication, Conservation and Ecology, Helping Professions, Health Issues and Sports Administration. 

University of Toledo – University Studies, Online


LCCC Parallel Program

Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts to Bachelor of Arts in University Studies Transfer Pathway


Admission Requirements

  •  Students can apply to UToledo anytime during their program at LCCC. However, we would prefer students complete their first two years at LCCC to maximize the partnership benefits.
  •  Credit from all regionally accredited institutions will be accepted and used towards general requirements, major requirements, or elective credit. An official credit review will happen upon receiving your application and official transcript(s).
  •  Students must be in good standing from all previous higher education institutions.
  •  High school transcript is required for students with less than 60 overall credit hours to use financial aid. The HS transcript will not be used for admission to UToledo.
  • ACT/SAT is not required for transfer students.
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 from all previous institutions.

Application Procedures

To apply to Toledo through the Partnership, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an online application.
  2. If an application fee is required and you are Pell eligible and need assistance with the application fee, apply for the NACAC Transfer application fee waiver. The form is downloadable through the link.
  3. Request all colleges you have attended to send official transcripts directly to Toledo.
  4. Once your materials are in, check your email for an admission decision.  Review the Toledo Transfer checklist for more information.
  5. After you are admitted, meet with your Toledo advisor.
  6. Newly admitted UToledo students need to activate their myUT account at UTAD Account Management. Once activated, log in to myUT with the newly activated ID, and access the registration for the Transfer Orientation. The orientation will be completed entirely online.

Submit all college-level transcripts to:
The University of Toledo
Admissions Office – MS 306
2801 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606


How do I know if I am in the University Partnership?  

How do I know if I am in the University Partnership?

  • You are following the UP Curriculum Pathway from the associate to the bachelor’s degree.
    • For 2:2 degrees, you have been admitted to the partner institution and have registered for your first classes the upcoming semester, 3rd year of partner classes.  The first day of the 3rd year class, you are officially a UP student.
    • For 3:1 degrees, you are a UP student if you are registered for the 3rd year in either bridgework LCCC classes or UP partner classes. You may not be necessarily admitted with the UP partner just yet.  The first day of the 3rd year of UP or LCCC bridgework class, you are officially a UP student.
  • UP Office will use the email address your partner institution shares with us, which is once a semester, to email out a reminder to you about the UP program supports and services.
  • If you are unsure if you are in the UP, you are welcome to email or call the UP Office to verify your status.

How do I show proof I am a UP student to receive benefits and supports offered at LCCC

  • Go to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the LCCC Bass Library  (440) 366-4026.
  • Show your class registration for UP classes with the partner institution or LCCC bridgework classes.
  • Bass Library staff will place a color coded sticker on the back of your LCCC or partner institution ID card.  If you have no LCCC or UP ID card, a UP ID card will be issued to you.
  • You will need to get a new sticker (date specific) each semester that you are registered for UP partner classes.
  • An ID card is not required but would be needed if you are seeking benefits and supports at LCCC while in the partnership.
  • Supports and services are for Elyria Campus and the Learning Centers (Community Learning  Center at Lorain High School, Lorain Learning Center at City Center, LCCC Wellington Center, and University Partnership Ridge Campus).


For More Information

For more information concerning this program, please contact:

For Prospective students
University of Toledo Transfer Office-

Kaitlyn Thomas, Regional Enrollment Manager

For Current Toledo students
Kim Pollauf
(419) 530-3142
For current students that need to schedule an appointment, go through Toledo’s Student Services Coordinator by emailing or calling (419) 530-3142

See the University of Toledo Academic Calendar for important academic dates and deadlines.