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A Bachelor of Arts with a major in English studies prepares students to be critical and creative readers, thinkers, and writers. The major will develop students’ ability to acquire, analyze, evaluate and communicate knowledge in multiple mediums. Students develop these powers of argument and analysis by working with diverse texts and examining the impact of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, class and ability on the production and reception of texts. Graduates will possess the analytical and communication skills that are critical to long-term professional success in many career fields and to contribute to their communities as responsible, informed citizens. The BA in English studies will reflect the rich and varied nature of the discipline, allowing students to draw on courses in literature, creative writing, professional writing and rhetoric, cultural studies, and linguistics.

Program Sheet


Program Admission Requirements

A transfer student is required to have earned a high school diploma, be in good standing in all respects at your prior institution(s), and have a minimum of 2.00 GPA in your college courses to be eligible for transfer admission. For more information, visit Miami University admission requirements.


Curriculum (parallel degree paths with LCCC)

Associate of Arts

Application Information

Submit the application for admission with required transcripts, along with the $35 application fee. Application fee waivers are provided during our campus visit opportunities. Attend one of our virtual campus events and attendees are given a fee waiver code to use at the time of application.


Contact Information

Office of Admission, Miami Regionals Office of Admission – 513-785-3111 or by email


Schedule an Advising Appointment Contact Information

For specific questions about academics related to the English Studies program, contact Dr. Marianne Cotugno, Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Writing at

Tuition and Fee Schedule

For current academic year tuition and fees, visit Miami Regionals OneStop website.