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  • Primary Grades/Intervention Dual Program (Pre K-5)
  • Middle Childhood Licensure (Grades 4-9)
  • K-12 Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate/Intensive

The Ashland education program is based on current research, effective practice and dynamic collaborative relationships among Ashland faculty, pre-K through 12th-grade teachers and administrators. The program is implemented through diverse experiences in university classes, field/clinical experiences, model sites and professional development centers. Ashland University believes that a professional educator is a reflective practitioner who links practice with theory in the following ways: Works cooperatively and collaboratively with all members of the educational community; Communicates clearly and effectively through a variety of means; Demonstrates understanding of human development, cultural diversity, socio-economic influences and learning differences, thereby enabling all children to learn and contribute; Employs research in areas such as learning theory and instructional methodology; Uses a variety of appropriate assessment techniques to enhance learning; Masters appropriate disciplines so as to engage students in meaningful, active academic study; Integrates educational technology in the teaching and learning process; Assumes the lifelong responsibility to grow academically, professionally and personally.



Parallel LCCC Programs


Enrollment Eligibility

Enrollment in this program is open.


How to Apply/Admissions Information

To apply to the Partnership, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an online application.  No application fee required for undergraduate transfer admissions. Please indicate on the application you are a transfer student under “Domestic Undergraduate Application for Admission.   Select one of the majors offered in Elyria and that center location.  
  2. Request all colleges that you have attended to send official transcripts directly to Ashland University Registrar.  An official high school transcript if required only if you are transferring in less than 30 credit hours.
  3. Once your materials are in, check your email for an admission decision.
  4. Once admitted, arrange for an academic advising appointment with your Ashland advisor.

Contact Information:

For more information from our admissions team, please email or call (419) 289-5383.


Registration and Scheduling Information

For registration or scheduling questions, please email your Ashland Academic Advisor.  The advisor contact details will be located on Ashland’s WebAdvisor student portal.   



All fees are subject to change.  For a break down of the semester hour tuition and fees for partnership students, please review the link titled Non-Traditional Undergraduate Division of Adult Studies Tuition. For questions, contact the Ashland Student Accounts Office at 800-882-1548 or (419) 289-5022.  You can also email